Cerelac Banana Apple | 90Gm
Cerelac Banana Apple | 90Gm
Cerelac Banana Apple | 90Gm

Cerelac Banana Apple | 90Gm

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Cerelac baby food banana and apple | 90 g

Product Description

Cerelac baby food of mashed banana and apple, a package of 90 gm

Complementary food for children from 6 months of age

Contains Vitamin C which helps support healthy brain and cognitive development

Product features

Prepared from 100% natural fruits carefully selected for their high quality

This convenient, ready-to-serve package with serving spout will allow you more control, which means less waste and less mess, perfect for on the go

Each package passes over 100 quality checks

Contains no added sugar or salt, or artificial colors and flavours

package size

90 g


Baby care

GTIN : 7613036691390
Weight : 0.100 KG
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