Whiteglo Toothpaste Sensitive Forte | 150G
Whiteglo Toothpaste Sensitive Forte | 150G
Whiteglo Toothpaste Sensitive Forte | 150G

Whiteglo Toothpaste Sensitive Forte | 150G

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White Glo Sensitive Toothpaste | 150 g

Product Description:

• White Glow Sensitive Formula Toothpaste, 150 grams With it, you will get brighter and whiter teeth.

• Contains a unique formula with a foaming action that surrounds the teeth with teeth whitening agents.

• Contains special ingredients that provide additional protection for normal and sensitive teeth.

• Brush your teeth 2 times a day.

• Visit the dentist regularly For children 6 years and under, do not use more toothpaste than the size of a pea.

• Make sure she does not swallow too much toothpaste.

Features and specifications:

• Helps reduce germs when brushing.

• It uses the same product that dentists use to whiten teeth.

• Anti-cough toothpaste.

• Removes surface stains in hard-to-reach places with a gentle foaming action.

• For a great smile.

• Strengthens and rebuilds tooth enamel below the surface.

• Delicate teeth whiteners for cleaning surface stains.

GTIN : 9319871000554
Weight : 0.100 KG
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