Wadi Al Nahil Bitter Almonds Oil | 125Ml
Wadi Al Nahil Bitter Almonds Oil | 125Ml
Wadi Al Nahil Bitter Almonds Oil | 125Ml

Wadi Al Nahil Bitter Almonds Oil | 125Ml

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Wadi Alnahel Bitter Almond Hair Oil | 125ml
Product Description:

Wadi Al Nahl Bitter Almond Oil is 100% natural and organic. Reliable and safe for hair and body skin is versatile, so it can be used as both body oil and hair oil that keeps the skin healthy and increases the body's moisture level. Suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes the hair well, which increases its softness. It also contributes to hair growth, which leads to an increase in its length. Contributes to increasing the softness of hair and increases its length and vitality Bitter almond oil from Wadi Al-Nahl is your perfect choice for thin and smooth skin and healthier hair.

GTIN : 1400300200305
Weight : 0.125 KG
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