Veet Wax Dry Skin | 20Strips
Veet Wax Dry Skin | 20Strips
Veet Wax Dry Skin | 20Strips

Veet Wax Dry Skin | 20Strips

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Veet wax strips for legs and body dry skin | 20 Slices
Product Description:

Fit wax strips are twice as good as sweets. These segments are characterized by reaching the smallest hairs in the body, up to hairs up to 1.5 ml in length. It works to remove hair from its roots and give a smooth and smooth skin texture. These strips are characterized by reducing body hair next times as the new hair appears less and softer. It works to prevent hair growth for up to 4 weeks. It is very easy to use compared to other hair removal methods that provide these results. It is characterized by the fact that its use in hair removal does not take long.

GTIN : 3059944020701
Weight : 0.100 KG
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