Vebix Max Deo Cream Women | 25Ml
Vebix Max Deo Cream Women | 25Ml
Vebix Max Deo Cream Women | 25Ml

Vebix Max Deo Cream Women | 25Ml

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Vibex Deodorant Cream Max Mystic For Women | 25ml
Product Description:

Vibex Max Mystic Deodorant Cream for Women is a deodorant for women that achieves maximum protection and freshness. Contains natural herbal extracts without aluminum or harmful chemicals It is used once a week, and its effectiveness lasts up to 7 days Gets rid of sweat-causing bacteria. Does not clog pores, makes sweat odorless,And alcohol-free. Apply a pinch of Vibex cream under the armpit or in sweating areas (use after bathing and drying, for the best possible result). Massage the area using the Vibex rounded tube head to ensure the cream is absorbed by the skin, for best results.

GTIN : 6223002053919
Weight : 0.100 KG
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