Vatika Shampoo Dandruffguard | 200Ml
Vatika Shampoo Dandruffguard | 200Ml
Vatika Shampoo Dandruffguard | 200Ml

Vatika Shampoo Dandruffguard | 200Ml

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Vatika Dabur Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | 200ml
Product Description:

It is a hair shampoo that contains carefully selected natural extracts such as yogurt, lemon and mint, which help the hair get rid of dandruff without harming it to get healthy dandruff-free hair Lemon helps to get rid of dandruff because it works to secrete sebaceous glands Yogurt provides essential hydration to hair and scalp Mint provides coolness and soothing to the scalp actively Suitable for oily hair Deep cleaning and strong foam Protects hair from falling And the bombardment.

GTIN : 8901207040986
Weight : 0.200 KG
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