Vatika Hair Oilgarlic | 300Ml
Vatika Hair Oilgarlic | 300Ml
Vatika Hair Oilgarlic | 300Ml

Vatika Hair Oilgarlic | 300Ml

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Vatika Hair Oil with Garlic Extract| 300ml
Product Description:

It contains garlic, which is a rich source of minerals and vitamins necessary for the health of the scalp and hair Vatika garlic-rich hair oil is scientifically made to nourish your hair that grows naturally and reduce the problem of hair breakage so that you can get longer hair It is characterized by revitalization and strengthening hair with extra strength, shine and smoothness for additional nutrition, for problem-free hair provides hair with more strength, shine and softness Nourishes hair for natural growth and reduces the problem of hair breakage, so you can get longer hair suitable for all hair types.

GTIN : 6291069704068
Weight : 0.100 KG
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