Silver Care System Tb Morbido | Soft
Silver Care System Tb Morbido | Soft
Silver Care System Tb Morbido | Soft

Silver Care System Tb Morbido | Soft

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• SILVER CARE SYSTEM Tooth Brush MORBIDO/SOFT is The head is coated with 999 silver, which ensures that during contact with water, activation of silver ions and a natural antibacterial process, effectively eliminating a wide range of viruses and bacteria, without disturbing the microflora of the oral cavity, thereby preventing the development of caries and gum disease and provides self-disinfection bristles after brushing your teeth • protect the enamel and gums, the tips of the bristles are perfectly and evenly rounded, polished • The compact head with wave-like bristles ideally cleans even the most inaccessible areas • Tynex bristles (nylon), the highest class of bristles, are covered with microfiber, which allows you to thoroughly clean the rough surface of the enamel • Ergonomic handle made of non-slip material • Recommended: for bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity, including adolescents, pregnant women and diabetics

GTIN : 8009315043308
Weight : 0.100 KG
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