Pigeon Milk Powder Container | 3Pcs
Pigeon Milk Powder Container | 3Pcs
Pigeon Milk Powder Container | 3Pcs

Pigeon Milk Powder Container | 3Pcs

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•Pigeon milk divider

represents an easy way to pre-measure the exact amount of milk powder for each feed into separate divisions especially at night

•The unique dividing piece between layers to avoid leakage of milk powder •A bottle-type opening makes it easy to open and transfer the powder •

Milk container allows you to feed your baby on demand with a minimum amount of hassle •

Each container can be independently sealed, you can opt for one, two or three based on need, both at home and while traveling •

Light and easy to carry •

BPA-free •

How to use:

- All you have to do is to dispense the required amount of formula in the containers

GTIN : 4902508022088
Weight : 0.100 KG
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