Oral-B Tooth Brush Kids 3-5 Years
Oral-B Tooth Brush Kids 3-5 Years
Oral-B Tooth Brush Kids 3-5 Years

Oral-B Tooth Brush Kids 3-5 Years

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Oral B soft toothbrush for children from 3-5 years

Rounded bristles help protect teeth and gums. Flexible neck flexes to absorb excess pressure from brushing and to help protect gums.

Why use Oral-B Clean & Flexibility Toothbrush?

The Aquafresh Clean and Flex toothbrush penetrates deep between teeth and removes plaque and bacteria.

How to use Oral-B children's toothbrush:

Excessive pressure while brushing may break the neck or head of the brush and should be avoided. It is recommended to replace the brush every 3 months. Children under 6 years of age should brush their teeth under the supervision of an adult. The bristles or toothbrushes should not be chewed.

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