Nivea Deo Spray Pearl & Beauty | 150Ml
Nivea Deo Spray Pearl & Beauty | 150Ml
Nivea Deo Spray Pearl & Beauty | 150Ml

Nivea Deo Spray Pearl & Beauty | 150Ml

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Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant Spray for Women | 150 ml

Product Description

The innovative NIVEA Pearl & Beauty deodorant and body mist gives you perfect beauty as it improves the appearance of the underarm area and provides guaranteed long-lasting protection. It also contains an innovative formula with precious pearl extract and natural oils for a noticeable unification of skin tone so that the underarm area looks beautiful, attractive and soft Like the rest of your body, NIVEA deodorant is highly effective in protecting against perspiration and body odor, as it leaves your underarms feeling dry, comfortable and soft, and envelops them in an amazing velvety layer.

Product features

Contains natural oil extracts to make the skin fresh


Body perfume for up to 48-hour protection and gentle skin care from NIVEA

It is approved as a skin-friendly product that is compatible with the skin and does not cause any skin reactions

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For sensitive and irritated skin


GTIN : 4005808837311
Weight : 0.150 KG
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