Lifebuoy Body Wash Mild Care | 500Ml(Blue)
Lifebuoy Body Wash Mild Care | 500Ml(Blue)
Lifebuoy Body Wash Mild Care | 500Ml(Blue)

Lifebuoy Body Wash Mild Care | 500Ml(Blue)

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Lifebuoy Body Wash Soft Care | 500ml (blue)

Product Description:

  • Lifebuoy body wash soft care 500ml blue.
  • Sensitive skin needs a balance between protection and care.
  • The formula of Lifebuoy Soft Care body wash contains the wonderful milk cream to give your skin super softness.
  • Its advanced formula is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin while keeping it healthy and ensuring 10 times more protection against germs, including highly resistant germs.
  • This soap contains Active Silver, a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient that gets inside germs to kill them completely. It's time to protect yourself and those close to you with Lifebuoy, the world's #1 germ protection soap.

the benefits:

  • Provides germ protection.
  • Protect you and your beloved family members from diseases
GTIN : 6281006483965
Weight : 0.100 KG
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