Hermesetas | 300 Tab
Hermesetas | 300  Tab
Hermesetas | 300  Tab

Hermesetas | 300 Tab

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Hermestas | 300 Tab

Use :

• Get these artificial sweetener tablets from Hermesetas and forget about blood sugar and health concerns.

• These mini sweetener tablets are all you need to add that extra dose of health to your tea, coffee or any beverage.

• These sweetener tablets may be small, but they give you all the sweetness you want to add to your drink or food.

• They are perfect to add to fruits, desserts, hot and cold drinks, cereal bowls, etc.

• It is suitable for diabetics and allows them to enjoy their daily intake and sugar consumption without any worries.

• The sweetener tablets placed on the table are made of saccharin, which is free of carbohydrates and calories.

• Hermesetas tablets can also help control weight by reducing sugar from your diet.

GTIN : 7610211320007
Weight : 0.100 KG
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