Gillette Blue 2 Plus Disp | 5Pcs
Gillette Blue 2 Plus Disp | 5Pcs
Gillette Blue 2 Plus Disp | 5Pcs

Gillette Blue 2 Plus Disp | 5Pcs

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Gillette Blue 2 Plus Shavers | 5 pills
Product Description:

Gillette Blue 2 Plus Razors, 5 Pieces.

Product features:

The Gillette Blue 2 Plus razor features two anti-friction blades for an easy and smooth shave.

Designed for smooth access to difficult places, the blade features a slip-resistant handle.

Gillette Blue 2 blades provide a comfortable shave for anyone as they contain a long-lasting lubricating strip, it is a thin strip containing aloe vera and vitamin E, located at the top of the blade, and releases moisturizing substances during the shave to give you a noticeable glide of the blades on your skin, making it easier to shave .

The lubricating strip wears off when you're no longer getting a perfect, smooth shave, and you can simply throw away the blades and use new ones.

GTIN : 3014260283254
Weight : 0.100 KG
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