Dabur Amla Hair Oil | 500Ml
Dabur Amla Hair Oil | 500Ml
Dabur Amla Hair Oil | 500Ml

Dabur Amla Hair Oil | 500Ml

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Dabur Amla Hair Oil | 500 ml

Product Description

Dabur Amla Oil penetrates into the layers of the hair

It helps in hair growth and makes hair stronger, longer, and thicker

It provides your hair with a sleek and healthy look and gives you a soft, shiny hair

Perfect for damaged and brittle hair, as well as for hair with split ends

How to use

Just massage a few drops into your hair/beard a few times a week

You can optionally wash the oil off after about 30 minutes or so

You will soon notice stronger, thicker and more vibrant hair

the size

500 ml


hair care

GTIN : 5022496103411
Weight : 0.100 KG
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