Aloedent Toothpaste Triple Action | 50Ml
Aloedent Toothpaste Triple Action | 50Ml
Aloedent Toothpaste Triple Action | 50Ml

Aloedent Toothpaste Triple Action | 50Ml

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Aloedent Toothpaste Triple Action | 50Ml

AloeDent Triple Action:

The perfect toothpaste with natural ingredients to suit all oral and dental needs.

Enriched with 100% natural aloe vera extract.

Keeps your teeth healthy and sound.

the ingredients:

Natural Aloe Vera Gel Extract: Maintains oral and dental health.

Natural tea leaf oil: antiseptic and sterilizing effect for the mouth and teeth.

CoQ10: Fights infections of the gums and teeth.


Ingredients from natural sources that suit most needs.

Resists infections of the mouth, gums and teeth.

It gets rid of harmful bacteria that may cause tooth decay.

Reduces bleeding and gum infections.

Promotes healing of gum and mouth cells.

English product with European quality.


Natural herbal formula.

It is free of harmful substances used in traditional toothpastes.

Free from sweeteners, colorings and artificial flavors.

Free of preservatives.

Free of alcohol, triclosan and SLS.


GTIN : 5029354007188
Weight : 0.100 KG
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