Pampers Premium Care Night No 4 (10-15Kg) 50Pcs
Pampers Premium Care Night No 4 (10-15Kg) 50Pcs
Pampers Premium Care Night No 4 (10-15Kg) 50Pcs

Pampers Premium Care Night No 4 (10-15Kg) 50Pcs

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Pampers Premium Care Night No. 4 50 Pieces


Product Description:

Make sure your baby gets the utmost comfort and protection with Pampers Premium Care Pants.

It has a soft and stretchy waist to make it easy to put on in one motion, despite all your baby's movements.

Featuring superior absorbency channels designed to distribute wetness evenly and lock it away from baby's skin, Pampers Premium Care Pants keep your baby comfortable for up to 12 hours.

Designed for a soft, enveloping fit and made of silky-soft materials, they feel soft against the skin and feel most comfortable.

Also, the adhesive tape to dispose of the diaper secures its closure.

Now you can say goodbye to any difficulty when changing a nappy.

The Pampers range, with German technology, ensures that you will not have to worry about leakage anymore.

Product features:

Soft and Comfortable Diapers:

Soft, stretchy sides wrap your baby in silky softness to give them a cozier fit and ensure their skin stays soft.

Protect your baby's delicate belly with the perfect fit.

GTIN : 8001841918051
Weight : 1.000 KG
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