Pampers Jumbo Box No 3 (6-10Kg) 104Pcs
Pampers Jumbo Box No 3 (6-10Kg) 104Pcs
Pampers Jumbo Box No 3 (6-10Kg) 104Pcs

Pampers Jumbo Box No 3 (6-10Kg) 104Pcs

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Pampers No. 3 (6-10) Kg Jumbo Box 104 Diapers
Product Description:

Micropearls absorb up to 30 times their weight in liquids.

The ultra-dry TopDry layer wicks wetness away from baby's skin to keep baby dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours.

The extra sleeping layer absorbs and distributes wetness evenly.

Product features:

Flexible rubber sides adapt to your baby's movement to fit snugly against his body, and prevent leakage.

It contains a layer of moisturizing lotion that makes the nappy soft and moist from the inside, and prevents the occurrence of rashes and irritation in the nappy area.

Pampers diapers have air channels, which facilitate the absorption and distribution of liquids inside the diaper and prevent them from gathering in one place.

the Producing company:

Procter and Gamble.

GTIN : 8001090651976
Weight : 1.000 KG
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