Lifree Tabe Diaper Jumbo M | 30Pcs
Lifree Tabe Diaper Jumbo M | 30Pcs
Lifree Tabe Diaper Jumbo M | 30Pcs

Lifree Tabe Diaper Jumbo M | 30Pcs

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Lifree Adult Diapers, Adhesive Tape, Size Medium, Jumbo Pack | 30 pcs

Product Description

Lifree Adult Diapers Adhesive Tape Size Medium Jumbo Pack 30 Pieces For Waist Circumference 78 to 112 cm

Product features

Comfortable for the skin and soft for the comfort of the elderly

Equipped with an easy-to-stretch and easy-to-adjust elastic waistband that ensures a great deal of comfort

It has flexible openings for the feet to suit all standing, lying or sitting situations for more comfort

Ultra-fast and absorbent, it absorbs up to six cups of water quickly and without leakage, to make it easier to use for a longer time without leakage and for greater comfort.

GTIN : 6281008182514
Weight : 0.100 KG
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