Fine Care Adult Diaper Mega Large |30Pcs
Fine Care Adult Diaper Mega Large |30Pcs
Fine Care Adult Diaper Mega Large |30Pcs

Fine Care Adult Diaper Mega Large |30Pcs

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Fine Care Adult Diapers, Large Size, Value Pack | 30 diapers

Fine Care Diapers for the elderly, large size, the value pack contains 30 diapers

Basic features:

Provides protection with a slim fit and conforms to the natural curves of the body

It has a wetness indicator that indicates it's time to change the diaper

Double LeakGuard Barriers provide comfort with a close-to-body ConviuFit leakage protection

The inner core is highly absorbent and absorbs liquid quickly for long lasting dryness

Breathable and gentle on the skin

The sides can be torn off for easy removal

Odor remover reduces bad odor caused by ammonia in urine

And resistant to signs of skin irritation



Package size:

Pack contains 30 diapers

GTIN : 6251001239140
Weight : 0.100 KG
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