L W Deo Cream Aluminium Free Scented | 40Ml
L W Deo Cream Aluminium Free Scented | 40Ml
L W Deo Cream Aluminium Free Scented | 40Ml

L W Deo Cream Aluminium Free Scented | 40Ml

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Louis Widmer Perfumed Aluminum Free Antiperspirant Cream | 40 ml


  • Louis Widmer deodorant cream is free of aluminum and fragrance.
  • Deodorant free of aluminum salts and fragrance.
  • Being free of irritating substances, it is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and hypersensitive skin.
  • Deodorizes sweat by fighting harmful bacteria that produce odors.


  • Complete protection from unpleasant odors with absolute gentleness.
  • Eliminates body odors with natural ingredients.
  • Louis Widmer deodorant cream, free of aluminum and fragrance, is easy to use, as it comes in the form of a cream that is easy to apply.
  • A unique formula that contains glycerin and allantoin moisturizes the skin and hinders the growth of bacteria that cause the smell of sweat.
  • It contains chitosan, which makes it a suitable choice for sensitive and irritated skin, as chitosan is considered one of the best moisturizers and sedatives for the skin.
GTIN : 7611480006562
Weight : 0.100 KG
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