Oppo Ankle Brace | Large
Oppo Ankle Brace | Large
Oppo Ankle Brace | Large

Oppo Ankle Brace | Large

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OPPO Ankle Brace

Product Description:

This flexible brace provides maximum protection to the ankle from injury.

Provides protection and prevents the ankle muscles from being stretched by force, which could lead to muscle rupture.

It also improves blood circulation, reduces pain and swelling, and speeds up recovery.

The material is breathable and suitable for cold and hot weather and has a seamless design that fits around the ankle.

the color:

Beige (skin color).

Product material:

Cotton: 15%

Nylon: 15%

Neoprene: 70%

How to use:

It is worn on the ankle of the foot to provide support and protection for the ankle and to relieve pain.

When to use the product:

When feeling weakness or pain in the ankle area.

When an ankle sprain occurs.

Product washing method:

Wash with soap and cold water at a temperature of 30 C or less.

Store in dry air away from heat and sunlight.

No ironing and no dry cleaning with this product.

GTIN : 501565
Weight : 0.100 KG
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