Makida Baby Umbilical Truss M
Makida Baby Umbilical Truss M
Makida Baby Umbilical Truss M

Makida Baby Umbilical Truss M

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A plot of a belt for children, medium


Product Description:

Umbilical hernia is one of the common problems among newborns and infants. It appears in the form of a small bulge in the lower abdomen, which increases in size during crying, laughing and coughing, and shrinks when lying down and relaxing. Umbilical hernia occurs when the abdominal muscles are very weak and cannot keep the intestines in place, so they protrude outside the surrounding muscles and membranes. This often occurs in premature babies, due to the weak position of the umbilical cord attachment between the mother and the fetus, and its failure to heal well after birth.

The Makida navel belt helps reduce hernias.

Soft ceramic material retains baby's body heat and does not harm the skin.

High quality ring in front of the brace provides maximum comfort to the child's body.

GTIN : 90215
Weight : 0.100 KG
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