Easy Max Monitoring V2 Kit
Easy Max Monitoring V2 Kit
Easy Max Monitoring V2 Kit Easy Max Monitoring V2 Kit Easy Max Monitoring V2 Kit Easy Max Monitoring V2 Kit

Easy Max Monitoring V2 Kit

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Easy Max:

Blood glucose monitoring device



  • Arabic and English speaking
  • Suitable for all ages for ease of use
  • The presence of the sound feature in it to help the elderly
  • Features tapes without coding (just insert the tape into the device and start measuring)
  • He also needs a very small blood sample that does not exceed 0.6 microliters
  • Alert system in case of insufficient sample
  • It contains a large memory that can accommodate 480 readings in order to save the results and the ability to retrieve them and know the measurement history, which helps in treatment.
  • Wide screen and large letters and numbers for easy reading.


Instructions for use:


  • Turn on the device
  • Inserting the tape into the device
  • Inserting the needle into the lancing device.
  • Disinfection of the finger using sterile gauze
  • Prick the finger with the needle and then press a little to get a drop of blood out
  • Putting a drop of blood on the sensitive strip of the device
  • Once the sample is placed on the tip of the strip, the sample will be suctioned and then wait a few seconds for the result to appear on the device.


Notes :

  • Avoid measuring sugar during or immediately after meals
  • Sit for at least 20 minutes before measuring your blood sugar.
  • The shape of the box may change from the one in the picture, due to continuous updates from the manufacturer, and the country of origin may change because there is more than one factory for the company in several countries around the world.


Country of Manufacture:


GTIN : 4713945681536
Weight : 0.100 KG
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