Contour Tsglucose | 50 Strips
Contour Tsglucose | 50 Strips
Contour Tsglucose | 50 Strips

Contour Tsglucose | 50 Strips

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• TS Contour Strips 50 pcs

Product features

It's quick, easy to use, and requires no complicated coding or calibration.

It has a white design for easy viewing and checking of blood.

It also requires a small amount of blood, which reduces pain when pricking your finger to take a reading.

How to measure your blood sugar level

Wash and dry your hands well.

Insert the test strip into your meter.

Use the needle to prick the tip of your finger.

Gently press and/or massage your fingertip until a circular drop of blood forms at your fingertip.

Align the test strip with the drop of blood and gently touch the strip to the edge of the drop of blood

The meter will show your blood glucose level on the screen within seconds


GTIN : 5016003184604
Weight : 0.100 KG
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