Caremed Flat Lancets 200 Pc | 30G
Caremed Flat Lancets 200 Pc | 30G
Caremed Flat Lancets 200 Pc | 30G

Caremed Flat Lancets 200 Pc | 30G

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Carmed flat lancets 200 pcs | 30 g

Product Description:

• Flat lancets.

• Small in size for easy grip.

• Ultra-fine rounded points ensure less painful pricking.                                                                            

Tips for successful blood sugar control:

1- Keep a glucose meter on hand at all times

This includes a lancing device, alcohol swabs, and test strips

2- Monitor the stock of test strips of the device

Make sure that the strips do not expire, as the old strips are not valid to see the real results.

The strips should be kept away from sunlight and moisture, and it is best to keep them at room temperature or air conditioning, but not in the refrigerator.

GTIN : 6951568001142
Weight : 0.100 KG
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