Rony C-H Mouth Spray
Rony C-H Mouth Spray
Rony C-H Mouth Spray

Rony C-H Mouth Spray

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Oral and dental care solution

Product Description

A tooth and gum protection spray with soft mint that is specially formulated to provide protection for stronger teeth and healthier gums

It works to protect teeth and gums with soft mint, with its less intense taste

Product features

Its triple action has been scientifically proven, as it contains fluoride, which strengthens teeth to help protect them from decay and reduces calculus to maintain healthy gums.

Effective even below the gum line, it also prevents gum problems, so breath stays fresh

Better at removing limescale than using a toothbrush alone, it removes tooth stains

It kills bacteria for healthier gums and prevents gum problems

Protects against cavities Contains fluoride that strengthens tooth enamel and protects against tooth decay and erosion

Alcohol free


Oral care

GTIN : 622400147787
Weight : 0.100 KG
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