Xola 2% Eye Drops | 5Ml
Xola 2% Eye Drops | 5Ml
Xola 2% Eye Drops | 5Ml

Xola 2% Eye Drops | 5Ml

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Requires Rx
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Zola 2% eye drops | 5 ml

the use :

It is used as adjunctive therapy (for beta-blockers) or as monotherapy (in patients who do not respond to beta-blockers or for whom beta-blockers are contraindicated) to treat ocular hypertension (increased fluid pressure within the eye) in patients with ocular hypertension, or open glaucoma. angle, or pseudoexfoliative glaucoma (obstruction due to crusting of a shell-like material that peels off the outer layer of the lens of the eye raises pressure in the eye).

How to use :

The dose is one drop of the ophthalmic solution, 2% in the affected eye three times daily.

concentration :

Dorzolamide 2%

Active ingredients:


Package size/size:

5 ml

Pharmaceutical form:

Eye drop

GTIN : 0000001002623
Weight : 0.100 KG
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