Sinomarin Children Nasal Spray | 100Ml
Sinomarin Children Nasal Spray | 100Ml
Sinomarin Children Nasal Spray | 100Ml Sinomarin Children Nasal Spray | 100Ml Sinomarin Children Nasal Spray | 100Ml

Sinomarin Children Nasal Spray | 100Ml

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Sinomarin Children

Nasal infections and allergies are common in children and can often lead to more troublesome conditions such as otitis, sinus and lower respiratory tract infections. In order to relieve nasal congestion naturally & restore nasal breathing, or keep your child’s nose clean and healthy, Sinomarin Children is your ideal natural solution.

active ingredients

Hypertonic sea water solution (2.3% NaCl), rich with the sea’s beneficial ingredients (mineral salts and trace elements), purified water


  • Infectious rhinitis (common cold; flu)
  • Allergic rhinitis (e.g. hay fever)
  • Sinusitis
  • Regular nasal hygiene
  • Nasal hydration

Additional benefits

  • Gentle mist spray with safety tip, especially designed to protect little noses
  • Continuous flow spray for efficient washing of the nasal cavity (solution flows as long as nozzles is pressed down)
  • One-way valve prevents contamination of solution
  • 100% natural Free from drug substances, additives and preservatives
  • No drowsiness, habit formation or rebound effect
  • Safe & effective solution for babies and children

suitable for

  • Babies over 6 months
  • Toddlers
  • Children


  • 6+ months: 1-3 sprays in each nostril daily
  • Children and toddlers: 1-2 sprays in each nostril, 2-3 times daily

Directions for use

  1. .Wipe your baby’s nose before using Sinomarin Children
  2. Break the tamper-proof seal on the bottle, remove the protective cap and firmly place the nozzle on top of the bottle
  3. Place your baby on its back turning its head to the right
  4. Gently insert the nozzle into the left nostril, in parallel with the nasal septum, and press firmly
  5. Turn your baby’s head to the opposite side and repeat the application in other nostril
  6. Remove the nozzle, return your baby to the upright position while allowing solution to work for a few seconds or more, and wipe the nose clean
  7. Repeat the procedure if necessary
  8. Remove the nozzle from bottle, wash well with warm water and wipe dry after each use before placing on the bottle


  • keep away from children
  • store at temperature below 25
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