Sevikar 40 10Mg | 28Tab
Sevikar 40 10Mg | 28Tab
Sevikar 40 10Mg | 28Tab

Sevikar 40 10Mg | 28Tab

Requires Rx
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Requires Rx
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A combination medicine that contains:


Amlodipine: a calcium channel blocker, of the dihydropyridine type, prevents calcium ion from entering the smooth muscle cells and the heart muscle during depolarization, which leads to relaxation of the smooth muscles inside the coronary vessels, and as a result of this relaxation the coronary vessels expand and thus increases the flow of oxygen In the myocardium, amlodipine also acts directly on the smooth muscle of peripheral blood vessels to produce peripheral arterial vasodilation, which reduces peripheral vascular resistance and blood pressure.


Olmesartan: one of the drugs belonging to the group of angiotensin II receptor antagonists, which prevents vasoconstriction and aldosterone secretion resulting from the binding of angiotensin II to its receptors, and thus leads to a decrease in peripheral vascular resistance, blood pressure in addition to diuresis.


What are the uses of Sevikar?


    It is used to treat high blood pressure.

    Reducing the risk of angina pectoris or stroke.


What are the contraindications for using Sevikar?


It is forbidden to use the drug without consulting a specialist doctor in the following cases:


    Hypersensitivity to any of the components.

    Concomitant use with aliskiren, in patients with diabetes mellitus, or renal impairment.

    Pregnant, as it causes fetal deformities.

    Diabetics or kidney patients.

    Persons under the age of 18.


What are the side effects of Sevikar?


Side effects of this medicine:


    peripheral edema;

    pulmonary edema;





    Abdominal pain.

    Muscle spasm.

    Shortness of breath.

    a headache.


    blood in the urine

    Increase diabetes level in the blood.

    High triglycerides in the blood.

    High blood potassium.






What are the precautions for using Sevikar?


Use with caution under the supervision of a doctor in the following cases:


    Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

    Kidney failure.

    liver failure

    Aortic valve stenosis or renal artery stenosis.

    Cirrhosis or liver disease.

    Heart disease and coronary arteries.


    Kidney disease.

    High level of potassium in the blood.

    Elderly people over 75 years old.


What are the drug interactions of Sevikar?


It is preferable to tell the doctor or pharmacist about all medications, herbs, vitamins, and nutritional supplements before starting treatment.


It is recommended not to concomitantly with the following drugs:



    Potassium-sparing diuretics.


    Alpha 1 blockers.

    Non-dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers.

    ACE inhibitors: lisinopril.

    Medicines are antifungals such as: azoles.




    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen.


    Medications that contain aliskiren.


What are Sevikar doses and methods of use?


Dosage is determined by the condition of the patient:


    Initially 5/20 mg amlodipine/olmesartan is given once daily, the dose may be increased after 1-2 weeks if a response is obtained but not to the required extent.

    Maximum daily dose: 10/40 mg amlodipine/olmesartan


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