Optifucin 1% | Eye Drops
Optifucin 1% | Eye Drops
Optifucin 1% | Eye Drops

Optifucin 1% | Eye Drops

Requires Rx
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Requires Rx
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Optifusin 1% | eye dots

the use:

Fusidic acid is used as eye drops to treat certain surface infections of the eye caused by bacteria (bacterial conjunctivitis).

How to use:

The usual recommended doses are one drop in the affected eye twice daily

Warnings and Precautions:

Talk to your doctor about all of your medical conditions before taking this medication

Do not wear any type of contact lens while using this medication

Do not use this medication for longer than recommended

Active ingredients:

fusidic acid


fusidic acid 1%

Package size:

5 grams

Pharmaceutical form:

Eye drop

GTIN : 0000001001859
Weight : 0.100 KG
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