Marvelon | 21Tab
Marvelon | 21Tab
Marvelon | 21Tab

Marvelon | 21Tab

Requires Rx
SAR 14 60
30 Points
Requires Rx
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Marvelon | 21 tablets

Indications :

It is used as a method of contraception.

Active ingredient and concentration:

estrogen and progestogen

Pharmaceutical form:

Tablets to be taken orally.

side effects:

Effects of 1% can occur and include the following

Bloody vaginal discharge at the time of menstruation, and this is common in the first months of treatment

Abdominal pain - weight gain - nausea - breast pain - headache

Rx Status:

It is prescribed as a medical

GTIN : 0000001001574
Weight : 0.100 KG
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