Gelomyrtol Fort | 20Caps
Gelomyrtol Fort | 20Caps
Gelomyrtol Fort | 20Caps

Gelomyrtol Fort | 20Caps

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Jello Myrtol Fort | 20 capsules


Jello Myrtol Forte expectorant and relieve the symptoms of the common cold accompanied by cough 20 capsules

Gilomertol is clinically proven to thin mucus and enhance secretion secretion.

Gilomertol is an expectorant solution that has been clinically proven to clear the respiratory tract.

Product benefits

Gelomertol reduces the need for antibiotic treatment.

Relieves sinus congestion, pressure, pain and headaches caused by sinusitis.

Gelomertol reduces cough during the day and at night due to bronchitis.

Effective Material

Contains herbal extract

Rx Status:

It does not require a prescription

GTIN : 0000001027480
Weight : 0.100 KG
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