D Cura Oral | 4Ampoules
D Cura Oral | 4Ampoules
D Cura Oral | 4Ampoules

D Cura Oral | 4Ampoules

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D-Cura | 4 ampoules

Product Description :



    Vitamin D ampoules


    take by mouth

    25,000 units

    The box contains 4 ampoules



Product features:




    If you are looking for an answer to a question, what are the benefits of vitamin D, know that this vitamin in all its forms is one of the most important vitamins whose deficiency exposes us to many health problems. Calcium better inside our bodies.


    D-Cura ampoules are taken orally to make up for your vitamin D deficiency and to get you what you need from it.

    Thanks to the strong role of vitamin D in the intestinal absorption of calcium from foods, it works to fight and prevent osteoporosis, which is a disease that many people suffer from, especially women after the age of fifty. They do not get enough vitamin D during their daily meals, so it is necessary to take care to compensate for this by taking it as a food supplement to maintain health.

    Vitamin D enhances the immune functions of the human body to fight viruses and infections and keep you healthy.

    Vitamin D also has an effect on the health of your teeth, as it works to strengthen the teeth and muscles and prevent them from weakening.

    It is ideal for use during pregnancy and lactation, because mothers need more calcium to maintain the health of the fetus and infant, so any deficiency in vitamin D may endanger the health of the mother and child, as they are more susceptible to the possibility of osteoporosis or osteoporosis.

    Vitamin D deficiency affects hair health and beauty, so you must commit to taking your vitamin D needs to avoid many hair problems, most notably hair loss.

    Vitamin D also affects your mental and mood health, and to avoid mood swings and irritability, be sure to take vitamin D according to your need, which is determined by the doctor.



How to use the product:




Take 1 ampoule per week for 3 months


GTIN : 6800
Weight : 0.100 KG
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