Avalon Avoban 2% Ointment | 15G
Avalon Avoban 2% Ointment | 15G
Avalon Avoban 2% Ointment | 15G

Avalon Avoban 2% Ointment | 15G

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Requires Rx
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Avoban ointment:

It is a topical antibiotic applied to the skin


Effective Material:




20 mg


Pharmacological Classification:

topical antibiotic


Pharmacological form:

Ointment for external use


Package Size:

15 grams



  • Skin infections that require a topical antibiotic, such as: (inflamed hair follicles that contain pus, contagious dermatitis with the appearance of sores or crusts - known as impetigo -)
  • Killing different types of bacteria that cause other types of infections


How to use:

  • It is used when needed from two to three times a day, and the frequency of use can be increased or decreased according to the situation.
  • It is preferable to use it for specific periods to avoid unwanted side effects
  • The affected area can be covered with band aid or gauze


Warnings and precautions:

  • Do not use near eyes
  • Do not use in case of allergy to the active substance or any of the ingredients
  • It is used for specific periods to avoid the occurrence of other infections or fungal infections
  • Do not mix the ointment with any other serious products


The most common side effects:

  • Inflammation may develop into a fungal infection when the ointment is used for long periods
  • Mild skin irritation
  • Eczema
  • rash


Pregnancy and lactation:

A doctor should be consulted in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding.



• Store below 25°C.

• Use within 30 days of opening, then discard the package

• The ointment is transparent, do not use it if it changes color


the manufacture company:

Avalon Pharma


Country of Manufacture:

Kingdom Saudi Arabia

GTIN : 0000001000212
Weight : 0.100 KG
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