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People of determination...a source of strength and challenge

People of determination...a source of strength and challenge

At Adam, we believe that ensuring a suitable work environment for people with special needs is of utmost importance. This term includes individuals with physical, mental, hearing, visual, or any other type of disability.
Here are some reasons why it is important to provide them with a supportive work environment


Encouraging diversity and inclusion

When people with special needs are employed and included in the work environment, it promotes diversity and inclusion.

These individuals possess diverse skills and abilities, and allowing them to participate in the labor market promotes justice and equality


Increase productivity and innovation


When we provide an appropriate work environment that meets their needs, people with special needs demonstrate greater creativity and commitment.
At Adam, we provide appropriate facilities, tools, techniques, and adjustments to the structure of the place and functions, so that these individuals can achieve high productivity and contribute effectively to achieving and developing the company’s goals.



Adam Company's commitment to social responsibility


A supportive work environment for people with special needs demonstrates the company's commitment to social responsibility and respect for the rights of all individuals. When companies pay attention to diversity and solidarity in the work environment, this enhances public relations and interaction with our valued customers


Compliance with laws and legislation:

At Adam, we always strive to adhere to the Kingdom’s laws and legislation regarding people with special needs, protect their rights, and ensure equal opportunities for them with equal opportunities for all our employees.



“Join us at Adam Medical Company, where we believe in the importance of making the work environment supportive of people with special needs. We seek to enhance diversity and inclusion in every aspect of work.”


General Manager of the company

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