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Adam Pharmacy gets the official well-known logo and enjoys the trust of customers

Adam Pharmacy gets the official well-known logo and enjoys the trust of customers

Adam Pharmacy has obtained the (Maarouf) platform logo, and through it it receives many excellent reviews of the Adam pharmacies chain, which provided everything that is perfect: medical services, staff, original products, and international brands, and still offers many advanced and modern technical services that It is renewed every day, such as medical consultation services, reminders, care and follow-up services through consultations and advice. The chain of Adam pharmacies, which was able to be present with you everywhere in the Kingdom, was able to communicate electronically to be your online partner, paving the means of communication and ordering, facilitating and diversifying the payment methods so that it It has become a responsible role in every family as if it is an integral part of you, we have now obtained the highest rating in the Marouf Trading Platform, which always seeks to develop and operate e-commerce.

Marouf platform and its marketing services

The Maarouf platform is an initiative to document and support e-commerce. This initiative is affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Commerce under the supervision of the company: (Thiqa) for business services. The platform seeks to operate and develop electronic stores and develop them by collecting them on the platform and giving them a well-known logo through which customers start evaluating their experience With each site a form of credibility and reliability.

The customer’s experience is the first and last reliable in the evaluation, and of course, once obtaining the (Maarouf) logo, it is considered as a quality certificate presented to the customer to provide him with the finest and best reliable sites that invite him to deal with them in safety in terms of quality and safe and easy handling. For each site and linking all their electronic platforms in one place, Adam pharmacies obtaining a well-known platform logo is a certificate we cherish to provide the customer with a great, safe and easy experience.

Customer evaluation on the (Marouf) platform

The Maarouf platform offers many and many electronic stores that it nominates for you to deal with and supports once the logo is on the site. It increases its reliability and the customer is safe from the risks of dealing with incompetent people or buying products that are not of the required quality.

You can evaluate the site or leave a comment about your experience with them, and it also allows you to benefit from previous experiences of customers through the evaluations that it obtains from a well-known site, a free service through which you can learn about the best electronic stores that you deal with in safety and get the best services or products Alike, the approved electronic stores that provided a commercial registry obtain the golden icon or the golden certificate, and one of the most important goals of the Marouf platform is to achieve increased communication between customers and the different and trusted electronic stores that provide the best and finest services.

Adam's pharmacy reviews

Customer evaluations are the ones that are relied upon in the final evaluation of the Marouf platform, which is calculated by the percentage of customer satisfaction who evaluated dealing with the store or website, as well as through their websites via social media and supported and trusted communication networks within the Marouf platform, and anyone who can enter Through the link, he does his own evaluation and leaves a comment about his own experience in dealing with them.

Adam pharmacies have received the best reviews from their valued customers, and we invite you to enter via the following link:

Adam Pharmacy

And carry out the appropriate evaluation according to your vision and your own experience with Adam's pharmacies chain, we always welcome you and we aim to reach your confidence.

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