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The opening of the new (60th branch) of Adam Pharmacy to serve the customers of Mahdia district in Riyadh

The opening of the new (60th branch) of Adam Pharmacy to serve the customers of Mahdia district in Riyadh

Integration and comprehensiveness of medical services

We are with you wherever you are

Adam’s pharmacy chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to provide the best medical services through a chain of pharmacies everywhere that will make us always with you strive to provide prevention, treatment, care and medical follow-up …

The opening of the 60th branch of Adam’s pharmacies chain, which offers its valued customers constant communication everywhere. We are with you and you. We always strive to provide the best services such as following up on the latest drug technology globally. We are also working to provide the best international brands of skin, hair and body care products for women and men that meet the needs of women and men. family…

When we talk about medicine and treatment, we are looking for quality and speed as well, and we at Adam Company provide the fastest communication, whether by ordering online or going to the nearest branch to your home. Our branches are spread and we are always the closest …

Branch 60 services of Adam Pharmacies

Accurate dispensing of medical prescriptions
With the availability of the latest medicines in the global markets

Availability of all brands of care
and cosmetics

Disbursement of electronic prescriptions with periodic follow-up
Follow-up and guidance services at the hands of specialists and experts
Providing health insurance services and following up on patients
Electronic reminder service for periodic treatment disbursement appointments
Permanent offers and gifts on the best cosmetics and cosmetics brands
The most famous brands of mother and baby care and birth supplies
Baby feeding and food care utensils
The latest supplies for the needs of the mother and the child in the important stages such as the stage of birth and weaning
Providing solutions and consultations by experts from the distinguished work team
And as usual in all branches of Adam pharmacies, order us online or by coming to the nearest branch to your home. You will always find us nearby.. We are with you and you and our constant motto is to provide quality and experience for the best prevention and treatment.

For direct contact with the short number of Adam Pharmacies group: 920022326

Address: Mahdia district, Taqi Al-Din Al-Tamimi building, and it can be reached directly by clicking here
times of work :

Sunday, 7:00am-3:00am

Monday, 7:00am-3:00am

Tuesday, 7:00am-3:00am

Wednesday, 7:00am-3:00am

Thursday, 7:00am-3:00am

Friday, 12:30pm-1:30am

Saturday, 7:00am-3:00am

Adam Pharmacy Branch No. 60 welcomes our valued customers and provides them with high expertise and distinguished services in the hands of the most skilled competencies who can count on us

You are welcome…

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