Get rid of sinusitis

Get rid of sinusitis

Sinusitis causes inconvenience and discomfort to many when the seasons change, or when exposed to the sun for long periods, or smoking and exposure to chemicals, and it may disappear after two weeks, or persist for more than two months, so it is called chronic sinusitis, so we offer you the best ways to get rid of sinusitis Sinusitis .

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

There are signs and symptoms of sinusitis, including:

  • pain around the eyes and cheeks next to the nose.
  • Eye redness.
  • nominated.
  • Sneezing
  • Loss of ability to smell.
  • Eye sensitivity to light
  • Mild difficulty breathing

Getting rid of sinusitis

Often the inflammation in the sinuses occurs as a result of a bacterial infection or a type of fungus, and here the symptoms that disturb the patient appear and search for ways to get rid of sinusitis, which are:

  • In the beginning, Otosan spraynose that helps reduce congestion from sinusitis, and to get the best results from the nasal spray, the nose should be cleaned well and then spray the solution into each nostril and keeping your head straight and slightly raised, gently press the nostril with your index finger until the solution is distributed on the mucous membrane For whole nose
  • humidification: Dry air increases sinus pain, so it is best to use a humidifying nasal spray, or stay in a room where the air contains moisture by spraying a little warm water every now and then in the room, and also do not expose yourself to temperatures, or Stay in the sun, so as not to dry out the air ducts.
  • Breathing fresh air: Not paying attention to ventilation increases the risk of sinusitis in addition to exacerbating the condition, so the house must be well ventilated and windows open every morning to renew the air.
  • Stay away from chemicals: You must stop smoking immediately and stay away from all chemicals, including household cleaners, especially those with a strong smell, as well as deodorants.
  • Intake of fluids: External hydration is important, it is necessary to hydrate the body to maintain moisture in the respiratory tract, so it is recommended to drink large amounts of fluids such as cold water, juices, chamomile tea, flowers, mint, etc., and avoid diuretics such as coffee, tea and chocolate.
  • Do a simple exercise: put your thumb between your eyebrows, for half a minute, and repeat the movement at least five times, this movement will relieve the headache caused by sinusitis.
  • Onions: A slice of onion is placed near the pillow when sleeping, or gauze is tied around the neck to improve breathing and get a deep sleep.


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