nose pain

nose pain

Sinusitis is one of the most common pains, especially in the winter, with an increase in the incidence of colds and flu, as the cold makes breathing difficult when the sinuses are blocked, and may cause you pain, especially around your forehead, eyes, cheeks, and nose. Touch your face or press your head down so we will give you ways to get rid of nose pain.

Getting rid of nose pain

There are many ways that can be followed that help get rid of nose pain, including:

Washing the sinuses There are many names and methods, and you can search on the Internet for what is known as autozan daily nasal wash bags,  which are a set of saline sachets with A pump for washing and cleaning the nose. This is done with a slight tilt of the head. It cleans the nasal passage of mucus and helps to get rid of any stuck bacteria or fungi, by pouring the saline solution from one nostril and removing it from the other with all the plankton. It sounds intimidating, but with the first experience and a sense of relief, you will find it easy and continue to clean the nose.


It can also get rid of nasal pain by hot sandblasting.

This is done by using a plastic bottle of warm water or warm sand in a cloth to wrap around the nose, in order to prepare warm sinus compresses to help the body get rid of any mucus stuck in the inner cavities of the sinuses.

Sand is usually used because it retains heat for a long time and does not lose it easily, and when placed in a sealed cloth and placed on the face, it takes the shape of the nose and thus the high temperature reaches all areas easily unlike a bottle whose heat does not reach the lower cavities of the nose.

A hot compress is one method many doctors recommend.

Getting rid of sinus infections 

The immune system always protects you from disease and if it is strong, the nose pain can be eliminated easily, so food becomes your way to stimulate your system.

The World Health Organization indicated in a report to the effect of aromatic foods and herbs in treating some diseases, explaining the benefits of including these foods in the daily meal menu.

Garlic, ginger and onions top the list to boost immunity, and honey can also be added to ginger tea, as honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help the body get rid of the cause of sinusitis itself, not just reduce its symptoms.

Also, inhaling the steam of warm water reduces nasal congestion and dissolves stuck mucus, thus aiding breathing. 

Several essential oils can be added to the water that is steamed during boiling, which adds other properties to the steam and helps relieve congestion.

Lavender, peppermint, tea, and rosemary are among the best essential oils to use to relieve nasal congestion caused by sinusitis.

Some fumigable essential oils are also available in pharmacies, which are prepared with a mixture that helps to form a strong cloud of fumes that helps inhalation and dissolve mucus, but some doctors do not recommend using them frequently because of their strong effect that may affect the mucous tissues in the nose and discourage them. its normal activity.


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