Burnie Free Ointment

Burnie Free Ointment

Burnie Free ointment No skin trace anymore from small and medium burns

Burns are one of the most common cases in the home, work, or anywhere. A person may get burns as a result of exposure to sunlight, when cooking food, or when using hot water and many other reasons, so you must know how to properly deal with the appropriate burn ointment To help the wound heal quickly.

Information on Bernie Free Ointment for Burns

Burnie Free Ointment is a medical product that contains beta-sitosterol 0.25% with shea butter, aloe vera extract, tea oil and vitamin E that eliminates germs, which is found in the form of an ointment, and it is used in the following cases:

Diabetic foot infections.
Incidence of venous and arterial ulcers.
Various bedsores.
Burns of all degrees.
Treating wound infections resulting from exposure to bacteria and fungi.
Elimination of microbes and bacteria.
It increases the regeneration rate of damaged tissues in burns and wounds.
The best ointment for burns helps wounds heal quickly.
Reduces pain resulting from injury or burns.
Extensive treatment of many skin lesions.
Treats and moisturizes the skin after exposure to injury.
Creates a suitable environment for safe and rapid recovery.

What is the mechanism of action of Bernie Free Ointment for burns?
Bernie Free Burn Ointment works to get rid of microbes, bacteria and fungi, works to regenerate damaged tissues, works to re-heal damaged wounds quickly, and reduces pain caused by ulcers or burns.

How to use Bernie Free ointment for burns.
When you want to get the adequate benefits from using Bernie Free Ointment for Burns, the following method of use should be followed:

Clean the wound or burn site with gentle care.
Apply a thin layer of the solution in one direction at a distance of 10-15 cm.
Applying a gauze or bandage with spray, or applying a medical tape, according to the case.
Burnie Free Ointment is used for burns once or twice a day, depending on the situation.
Warnings and precautions when using Bernie Free Ointment for Burns
There are some tips and warnings when using Bernie Free Burn Ointment, which is a good product for treating burns:

Keep away from eye contact directly, and avoid swallowing.
Store Bernie Free Ointment in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight.
Put the package in a place away from any source of heat over 50 degrees Celsius,
Keep the package out of the reach of children.
Bernie Free Ointment for Burns cannot be used on areas affected by wounds and close to mucous membranes such as the eyes, mouth, nose, genitals, etc.
Follow the expiry date on the package and do not use after the expiration date.
Do not use the packaging if it is damaged.
Bernie Free ointment for burns price and how to order it
There is Bernie Free Ointment to treat wounds, burns and bedsores in many of Adam's Pharmacy, which is the best online pharmacy in Saudi Arabia.

Tips for dealing with burns
When a person is exposed to burns, the injury must be dealt with as follows:

Take a shower with water of moderate temperature.
Follow the doctor's instructions to cover the wound before showering, and not to get water on it.
Apply skin moisturizers to the skin so that they are free of lanolin and alcohol.
Wear cotton clothes that are soft against the skin.
Putting on sunscreen when exposed to it.
Move periodically until it activates the blood circulation in the body.
Elevate the legs when sitting if the skin changes color after walking.
Not rubbing the body when taking a shower
Be careful not to rub the affected area
Stay away from hot areas and stand in front of the flames of fire.
Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid tight clothing that puts pressure on the wound.

In conclusion, and after getting to know Bernie Free ointment for burns, which is one of the good products that help heal burns quickly, it also eliminates bacteria and microbes that may spread on wounds, and works to rebuild damaged tissues, and the product can be ordered through websites.

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