How to use masks

How to use masks

Medical masks, medical gloves and Corona virus are among the most used words in search engines nowadays, as each of us has a strong desire to eliminate and prevent this disease in various possible ways and means! 

But many people are ignorant of how to deal with these tools and how to properly wear a medical mask, for example, and that's why our role today is to unveil the way to use a medical mask to prevent diseases and the various information it does.

When do you use a medical mask?

Before getting to know how to use masks, we will first start by highlighting the times and conditions in which medical masks are used, namely:

  • Caring for a person suspected of having a viral infection
  • Suffering from coughing or sneezing
  • Preventing infection because it is easy to transmit diseases, especially dangerous viruses

The right way To wear masks 

, here is how to properly wear medical masks:

1- Wash your hands well before putting any masks. It

is recommended to wash hands well with soap and water for 20 seconds before holding the mask, then dry it with a clean towel to ensure good hands hygiene.

2- Determining the correct position

of the mask The upper part of the mask has an edge with a flexible inner wire that can be folded to ensure that the nose is shaped and the area is well covered.

The outside of the muzzle must also be identified, usually the colored side of the muzzle being the outside that others can see, while the white side touches the face.

3- Covering the mouth and nose with the medical mask

Make sure to cover the mouth and nose area well with the mask, so that there are no gaps between the face and the mask, using the tips of the index finger and thumb.

The method of wearing medical masks varies according to its design and is as follows:

  • The mask with ear loops: In this case, the mask is fixed by the ear loops attached to it, so that these loops are wrapped around the ear.
  • Masks with ties: This type of mask is worn by holding the straps and then attaching them from the back without touching the mask.

 4- Avoid touching the mask while wearing it

. If it is touched, hands should be cleaned well with soap and water or disinfected with alcohol diluted at least 60% if soap and water are not available.

5- Change the mask with another after it gets wet.

The masks must be changed as soon as it gets wet because it will be useless, and the mask should not be reused again. It should be disposed of in the trash as it is for single use only.

The correct way to remove the muzzle

The correct method must be followed to remove the muzzle, because it may be a carrier of viruses transmitted to the hands in case of contact.

This is done by removing it from the back, so that the front part is not touched, and immediately dispose of it in a closed container, then clean hands thoroughly with soap and water.

The method of removing the mask depends on its type and includes:

  • Mask with ear loops: The ear loops are grabbed and the mask is gently lifted and removed.
  • Mask with ties: Loosen the tie from the back with one hand, then grab the other tie with the other hand and pull it away from the face.
  • After removing the mask and tossing it in the trash, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Important note: In the case of using reusable cloth masks, it must be removed carefully and not touched, then placed in a clean bag and tied well, and placed in the washing machine directly, then hot water is used to wash it and then ironed at a high temperature.

There are some wrong things that you should not do while wearing the muzzle, including:

  • Touching the muzzle by hand.
  • Drop the mask from one ear and leave it hanging.
  • Download the mask to the bottom of the mouth and chin and leave it on the neck.

The best types of medical masks and their uses

After learning about the steps of the correct way to wear face masks, we now move on to our tour to learn about the best medical masks and their uses, which include

  • : Various crowded places, especially the metro, universities and schools.
  • Surgical masks: A medical mask that protects the body from microorganisms and helps contain the wearer's coughs and sneezes.
  • Dust masks: Although the muzzle is easy to wear in the dust, it does not prevent viruses from entering the body, as indicated by its name, and it aims to protect the body from dust and nothing more.
  • Black medical masks: In fact, any black medical masks are not comparable to those blue and white masks, as they do not prevent the transmission of spray and polluted air to them, but they are used in the event that other types of markets run out.

Do children need to put masks on their faces?

According to the World Health Organization, children may be less affected by the disease, but more people come into contact with them in schools and public places.

 More studies are being conducted to assess the risk of infection in children and to better understand the modes of transmission in this age group, but the World Health Organization recommends that children over two years of age wear masks when in community settings where physical distance is not possible.

Parents should take the time to teach their children that along with hand washing and physical distancing, wearing a face mask can help protect everyone and is a way to show kindness and concern for others.

What is the difference between blue and white masks?

Do you know the difference between a blue face and a white face in medical masks?

The way to wear the blue or white mask is very easy and is represented by the previous steps we mentioned, but many do not know the difference between the colors of these masks, that is, the difference between the blue and white faces of them. 

The blue face is used to prevent the entry of bacteria and is water-resistant, while the white face is used for sterilization and to prevent transmission of infection, as it absorbs water.

best Corona

masks Medical masks are not effective unless they are accompanied by disinfecting hands with sterilizers or washing them with soap and water


 Where scientists unanimously agreed that the medical respirator N95 masks are the best so far, and that they protect a large proportion of the disease. 

But wearing it of course does not mean that you will not get this disease, and for this reason it is not enough alone, otherwise there will be no idea of ​​sanitary isolation or home

Facts about medical masks

  • Healthy people do not need to wear any medical masks if they do not have to provide health care to patients
  • Most believe Those who wear medical masks are completely protected from any infection, so you find them ignoring personal hygiene and touching anything without being careful.
  • Most masks are used only once.
  • Most masks cause inconvenience and discomfort when placed on the face

this, we have provided you with the most prominent details of medical masks, from the correct way of wearing them, their types, and some information related to it. 


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