The most important benefits of argan oil and how to use it

The most important benefits of argan oil and how to use it

Argan oil is one of the very useful oils for hair and skin beauty care. It is a product that is extracted from the almonds of the argan tree that grows in Morocco. This oil is famous for containing high levels of nutrients, which are represented by vitamin E and fatty acids important for hair and skin, and it is one of the most prominent products used by many From people around the world, it is sold in the markets as a pure oil that is placed directly on the hair and skin, and it is also available in the form of capsules to be taken orally. In this article, we will learn about the most important benefits of argan oil and how to use it.

Argan oil for hair

Argan oil is an organic oil that is used to treat hair from its various problems, as it treats hair from damage and loss, and also removes dandruff and treats it from the associated problems.

Argan oil contains highly effective ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin B, in addition to fatty acids, most notably linoleic acid, and minerals needed by hair.

Benefits of argan oil for hair It

is considered one , and these elements benefit the hair and scalp, and before we learn how to use argan oil for hair, we will discuss more prominent benefits of argan oil for hair


acidsFatty acids, especially linoleic and oleic acid, soften the hair roots and maintain their moisture.

Improving scalp health

is anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants, which helps improve skin diseases that can affect the scalp and cause hair loss problem such as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis, and also helps treat dandruff.

Reducing hair damage resulting from styling and dyeing

works to protect the hair from any damage caused by frequent washing. The oil also adds a protective layer to the hair such as palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid, which improves the hair and protects it from breakage during styling using heat tools. 

This oil has been shown to reduce the formation of split ends, increase the health and density of hair, and in a 2013 study it was found that argan oil reduces the damage caused by hair dyes.


Sun Protection

This oil has been used for centuries by Moroccan women to protect hair from free radical damage caused by sunlight, helping to protect hair from damage caused by UV exposure and reducing dryness.

Hair loss prevention

There is no research available on argan oil to reduce hair loss, but its other proven benefits are maintaining the health of the hair and scalp and preventing hair breakage and loss.

 It contains high levels of vitamin E, which improves hair growth, and the antioxidants and fatty acids it contains. It also maintains hair moisture and protects it from damage caused by styling and free radical damage that leads to split ends and hair loss. 

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How to use argan oil for hair

There are many ways in which oil is used in order to treat hair and maintain its health, and we will learn in the following how to use oil for hair:

How to use oil for hair as a

shampoo More soft and shiny, and the method is as follows:


little argan shampoo

How to prepare and use:

  • Put an appropriate amount of shampoo on the hand and rub the scalp with it.
  • Scrub hair constantly until foam forms.
  • Rinse hair with cold water.
  • Repeat the same way once every two days to get the desired result.

How to use argan oil for hair as

a conditioner The conditioner is one of the wonderful products that stimulate hair growth as it is free of chemicals and the way to use it is as follows:


A few drops of argan oil

How to prepare and use:

  • Placed on the palm of the hand and rubbed well.
  • Then apply to washed hair and massage the scalp and left.

How to use argan oil for hair as a mask

It can be used as a hair mask in the following way:


A large amount of oil

How to prepare and use:

  • We put the oil in a pot on the stove and leave it until it heats up.
  • Apply the oil to the hair and scalp, massaging gently from roots to ends and covering the sides.
  • The massage should last for fifteen minutes.
  • Then cover your hair with a towel and leave it overnight.
  • Wash hair in the morning using your usual shampoo.

How to use argan oil for hair with castor oil

Mixing argan oil with castor oil is very suitable for hair, as castor oil moisturizes the hair and works to repair it from damage, cracking and falling, and limits the appearance of dandruff, and the way to use it is as follows:


  • Two tablespoons of oil Argan
  • 1 tablespoon castor oil
  • 50 milliliters to 100 milliliters of coconut milk (depending on hair length and thickness)

How to prepare and use:

  • Mix argan with castor oil and coconut milk to get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Apply the mixture to the hair and scalp and leave it overnight.
  • Wash hair with shampoo the next morning.

How to use argan oil for hair with coconut oil The

mixture of argan oil and coconut oil helps in hair growth, as these oils penetrate into the hair follicles and nourish them from the inside, which repairs them from damage and protects them from ultraviolet rays. The method of use is as follows:


  • Ten drops of argan oil
  • Two tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Plastic comb
  • Hair tie

How to prepare and use:

  • Mix argan oil with coconut oil and set aside.
  • Comb the hair with the plastic comb and then apply the mixture to the hair and scalp, concentrating on the ends.
  • Comb the hair again so that the mixture is evenly distributed over the hair.
  • The hair is tied and covered with a hair cap.
  • Leave the mixture on the hair for thirty minutes or an entire night.
  • Wash hair with water and shampoo the next morning.

The side effects of argan oil for hair

We previously mentioned the most prominent benefits of argan oil for hair and explained how to use argan oil for hair, and now we know the damages of oil to hair:

Safe natural argan oils are used in hair when applied topically, but they cause a kind of allergy in some people where the individual gets dermatitis Contact that develops and spreads rash, itching and redness at the site of application of argan oil.

But these side effects are rare and may occur to few who used this effective oil with multiple benefits for hair, and you can get all Argan oil products from Adam Pharmacy, the best online pharmacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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