Dry skin care, the perfect routine for fresh and bright skin!

Dry skin care, the perfect routine for fresh and bright skin!

Do you have a feeling of continuous dehydration and cracks on your skin? This could be proof that your skin is dry! 
Dry skin requires special care to keep it fresh and flexible. In this article, we will explore how to take care of dry skin and create an effective daily routine to maintain healthy and bright skin. 

1. How do you know your skin is dry? Dry skin marks. 
2. Impact of external factors on dry skin 
3. Dry skin causes 
4. The importance of dry skin care 
5. The daily routine of dry skin care. 
6. Natural components useful for dry skin 
7. Augmentation of dry skin 
8. Healthy skin feeding 
9. Best product for dry skin care. 
10.Dry skin night care 
11.Risks of ignoring dry skin care 
12.Importance of counselling for ad hoc advice 
13.Conclusion: Dry skin care is the key to maintaining its beauty and health. 
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How do you know your skin is dry?


Cuts and peels. 
When your skin becomes dry, you may notice the appearance of cracks and peels on the skin. This sign indicates the lack of humidity you have in your skin. 
Red and irritating. 
Dry skin can be accompanied by some red and irritating, especially in sensitive areas such as the nose and mouth. 
It's a pale, coarse look. 
Dry skin looks dilated and rough, and it may lack the natural lighting that is a sign of healthy skin. 

Impact of external factors on dry skin 
When we talk about dry skin, we refer to skin that lacks the natural moisture needed for its flexibility and resilience. This skin is particularly affected by external factors such as: 
• Cold weather,  
• Dry wind,  
• shower with hot water,  

It exacerbates her condition and makes her look faint and wrinkled.

Dry skin causes

There are several reasons for the appearance of dry skin, including the lack of moisture, which can result from the failure to drink enough water or to use skin-drying products, as well as frequent exposure to extreme environmental factors and genetics.


The importance of dry skin care

Dry skin care is necessary to maintain its healthy sense and appearance. A well-moisten skin gives the face natural light and reduces the emergence of early wrinkles.

The daily routine of dry skin care.

The daily routine of dry skin care should include important steps such as gently cleaning the skin, using the tuna to balance moisture, and wetting the skin using alcohol-free moisturizers.

Natural components useful for dry skin

Argan oil, tea butter and coconut oil are some of the natural components that are effective in wetting dry skin and improving its flexibility.

Augmentation of dry skin

In addition to daily routine, natural masks can be relied upon to wet deep and improve dry skin condition.

Healthy skin feeding

The impact of nutrition on skin cannot be overlooked. E- and C-rich foods can help to promote human health and nutrition.

Best products for dry skin care.

Products with natural components, alcohol-free and perfume-free should be selected for the best results of dry skin. 

ARYA is one of the leading brands in the field of skin care, offering a variety of products specifically dedicated to dry skin that provide warmth and deep nutrition for your dry and tired skin. 

One of the great ARYA products is rich moisturizer cream. This cream contains a unique combination that is easily absorbed by skin and gives it the moisturizer needed to improve its flexibility and smoothness. The cream also contains nutrients that help restore the protective skin barrier and protect it from drought and external harmful factors. 

Another product that deserves attention is ARYA's hyper mapping serum. This center serum contains a powerful combination of dry skin moisturizing and improving its overall appearance. The serum helps restore the moisture balance in the skin and reinforce its protective barrier, leaving it soft and bright. 

Dry skin night care

It is recommended that night-time cream be applied to feed and wet the skin in depth, thereby helping to restore its ointment and smoothness.


Risks of ignoring dry skin care

Drought may seem just a simple cosmetic problem, but in fact, ignoring the necessary attention to dry skin can lead to more serious health and beauty problems. 

One of the main risks of ignoring the care of dry skin is the increased likelihood of irritation and infections. Dry skin lacks the moisture and natural oils necessary to maintain its protective barrier. This means that dry skin is more susceptible to irritation than harmful environmental factors such as dry wind, pollution, and cruel chemicals. Continued neglect of dry skin care can increase skin sensitivity and exacerbate existing infections. 

In addition, neglecting dry skin care can exacerbate early signs of ageing. Dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines due to lack of moisture and flexibility. If due diligence is ignored, this problem can worsen over time and affect skin appearance in general. 

Not only is this, but neglecting the care of dry skin can also affect personal comfort and self-confidence. Dry skin can be irritating, tight, and peeled, causing an annoying and itching feeling. This may be accompanied by a sense of shame and unwillingness to appear publicly. Attention to dry skin is not just a cosmetic issue, but also a matter of personal comfort and self-confidence. 

Importance of counselling for ad hoc advice

If the condition of dry skin does not improve long after the daily routine has been followed, the doctor or expert should be consulted for advice 


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