Facial allergy causes and methods of treatment 

Facial allergy causes and methods of treatment 

allergy The face is an allergic symptom that appears in the face suddenly, such as swelling, swelling, redness, and some other symptoms related to the eyes, where tears increase or swell, and redness of the eyes occurs, swelling of the face with a feeling of itching, swelling of the lips, severe dryness and cracking of the skin, and all these symptoms are considered symptoms Facial allergy, which must be related to allergens, may have been exposed to the face or the body in general, which led to entering into an allergy attack that may pass peacefully without worry, or the patient may suffer an allergy attack that causes serious consequences, so in general, caution must be taken and caution, especially of attacks snap.


What is sudden facial

allergy Sudden facial allergy is seizures that are linked to factors that led to the occurrence of this sensitivity, the most important of which is taking medications that the body is allergic to, or because of insect bites, or because of eating food that led to an allergic attack due to the high level of histamine in the body. Sudden allergy may It occurs for unknown reasons, where a person is exposed to it for the first time, such as metals, nickel, silver, or gold, or inhaling some perfumes, or touching some care products, creams, cleaning products, some sunscreens, cosmetics, as well as hair dyes. Deodorants, creams, and ointments that contain It contains antibiotics, and some other reasons such as the latex from which gloves are made may lead to sudden allergic reactions, so the level of histamine in the blood increases, which increases allergic factors, as well as smoke, dust, feathers, hair, animal dander, pollen, straw and hay, all of which lead to severe sneezing. A sharp drop in blood pressure, runny nose, tears in the eyes, itchy skin, difficulty in breathing, and sudden facial allergy treatment depends on distance and avoidance of allergens by taking antibiotics. Histamine and the face may be exposed to the appearance of facial allergy pills, which are small pills that appear due to skin irritation after exposure to allergens. 



What is the treatment of facial sensitivity? 

Treatment of facial sensitivity and severe dryness resulting from exposure to allergens that lead to excessive secretion of histamine in the blood. 

In the event of allergic attacks on the face, it is possible to calm down by using natural mixtures such as taking vitamin C or drinking lemon juice on a daily basis because it contains antioxidants. It is useful to use coconut oil Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, which help moisturize the face and regenerate skin cells from the inside and outside. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which makes it useful in cases of allergic reactions as well. Symptoms on it and rose water and some soothing creams that contain a percentage of antihistamines can be used.


Allergy symptoms of facial

  • swelling Face 
  • Swelling of the lips 
  • Redness of the eye with tears 
  • Redness of the facial 
  • skin Severe itching 
  • Dryness and cracking of the facial skin 
  • Red spots 
  • Rash 
  • swelling 

The best cream for the treatment of facial allergy 

The adoption of natural materials in the formula of allergy-treatment creams ensures a good effect without causing damage, 

and there are many medical creams

that are recommended to be used Especially in cases of allergy treatment and the effects of grains resulting from it or pimples.


The most important ways to treat facial allergy with natural materials

  • Treat facial allergy with honey
  • Soothe facial allergy with cold milk 
  • Rose water 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Glycerin 
  • Compresses CompressesCold water
  • Tea tree oil 
  • Green tea 
  • Turmeric 
  • mask Oatmeal mask 

Face allergy cream without cortisone

There are many types of face allergy cream according to its composition and in In some cases, the doctor prescribes creams that contain cortisone and act according to the doctor’s order. There are also creams without cortisone that are administered under the supervision of a pharmacist, such as: 

  • Vaseline, which is one of the most important products that relieve allergy symptoms, deeply moisturizes the skin, reduces skin irritation and soothes itching 
  • . Cetaphil Pro cream contains effective oat extract. In calming allergies, it is medically approved. It contains a group of B vitamins. It is characterized by its effectiveness, ease of penetration, and skin absorption.
  • Curvy cream with a formula of oats, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid calms allergies and itching 
  • . Tacrolimus, which is an immunosuppressant. It is devoid of cortisone 
  • . Antihistamine creams 
  • . QV, which is one of the best types of allergy creams without cortisone, contains Vaseline and glycerin Medicine, protection and treatment of allergy 
  • with an effective combination of cream, ointment and lotion containing panthenol and almond oil treats allergy by moisturizing and cream 
  • Bepanthen renewal cellworldwide.


What is the sensitivity of the face to the sun 

allergy is the appearance of some symptoms of skin rash, redness, or multiform light rash. It is affected by some people who suffer from sun sensitivity. The sun, and the necessary precautions must be taken such as covering the body with clothes in case it is allergic to the sun. Some small granules, redness, rashes and pimples may occur. If a person suffers from sun sensitivity and it appears on him through the face and skin, he must follow some advice, including avoiding sunlight between 10:00 In the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, avoid sudden exposure to the sun as well, and stay away from direct exposure for long times such as summer resorts, and must wear sunglasses and wear long-sleeved shirts and hats to protect the head and face, and use sunscreen lotions that have a protection factor of not less than 30 and treatment Sun allergy, if it occurs, is by trying to calm down with moisturizing anti-sun creams, and allergy symptoms can be removed simply by calming the symptoms using some moisturizing creams. Antihistamines that contain moisturizers, the immune reaction of the body is sometimes abnormal and is excessive in the case of a person allergic to the sun, so he must avoid going out without sunscreen and cover the body with the need to pay attention to the recommendation to take vitamin D and take care of vitamins and put a patch Insulator or dark curtains on the windows of cars, avoiding irritating factors is the first reliance for treatment in the occurrence of allergic attacks, you must immediately resort to moisturizing creams that contain antihistamines, and in the event of non-response to treatment, you must immediately resort to a doctor.


Symptoms of facial allergy in children

 Facial allergy in infants and children has many causes and manifestations, and breast milk may be a direct cause because of its contact with the skin of the child’s face, which results in pimples, pimples and rashes 

. The many symptoms and one of the most important causes of facial allergy in infants are: 

  • Saliva that flows on the face without drying it makes the face exposed to redness and swelling  
  • Food allergy due to the introduction of a new type of food on the child’s nutrition 


  • One of the most important irritating foods Symptoms of allergy Milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, beans Soy, nuts, strawberries, chocolate and their symptoms are 

redness and swelling of the mouth, swelling of the tongue and lips, and food must be stopped and prevented 


  • . Care and hygiene products, some of which may lead to facial sensitivity and symptoms of severe dryness, must be stopped. Dryness should be treated using moisturizers made from natural materials and oils that are effective in calming sensitivity.


Methods of treating facial allergy in infants and children 

The sensitivity of the face in infants and children may not be completely worrisome, as it disappears on its own and once the cause disappears, but if this does not happen, there is a fear that it will develop into an excessive sensitivity, and care must be taken to completely distance from the stimuli and interest in knowing them so that we can Avoid them, and the child must be cared for by using very safe care products that depend on nature in their formula, soft, free of perfumes, and detergents free of dried soapy formulations, with great attention to moisturizing the child’s skin so as not to become dehydrated, while paying attention to children’s clothes, as they are soft, cotton-free, polyester, and washed with detergents that are free of Perfumes, and if the allergy does not respond to treatment in children or spreads widely and develops into infections or ulcers, then a doctor should be immediately referred to. 


Treatment of facial allergy and the appearance of pimples. 

The optimal treatment must be chosen that is appropriate to the skin type and the patient’s health conditions. As we have already said, one of the most important and best ways to treat allergies is to avoid stimuli, try to know them, and then stay away from them completely so that annoying attacks do not recur. 

The symptoms of facial allergy are very disturbing. The treatment of the attack itself, in addition to treating its effects on the face, such as pimples, pimples, infections, etc., has become a matter of concern, because the patient seeks to treat the effects and try to restore the purity of the facial skin. In case of recurring facial allergy attack, resorting to the doctor to try to control the condition, avoid its occurrence and treat its side effects, while following a daily care routine to preserve the face. Allergy or for protection in general from the dangers of exposure to ultraviolet rays, with the need to follow a special care routine for oily skin in terms of deep cleaning using scrubs and using toner to close the pores and adopting products that contain safe natural materials, and paying attention to drinking water and proper nutrition, and following healthy diets that contain Substances useful for the skin and skin, such as vitamins, mineral salts, and antioxidants, all contribute to avoiding falling prey to facial allergy symptoms, and they also help speed recovery when they occur.


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