the eyebrows in natural, safe ways 

the eyebrows in natural, safe ways 

Intensify Eyebrows is a procedure related to obtaining a complete look and the shape of a specific and elegant eye drawing, where the eyebrows suffer with time and because of the frequent plucking of hair from the presence of voids that give the look an unpleasant appearance, so women always seek to try to intensify the eyebrows through safe natural methods or by using makeup drawing, which is considered a quick solution And safe at the same time.


The way to intensify light eyebrows 

There are many ways that help intensify light eyebrows and get a distinctive look, including: 

  • Intensifying the eyebrows with olive
  • Intensifying the eyebrows with garlic 
  • Intensifying the eyebrows with Vaseline 
  • Intensifying the eyebrows with cloves 
  • Using coconut oil, 
  • aloe vera gel 
  • , nourishing the eyebrows hair with milk and egg protein, 
  • using castor oil to intensify the hair of the eyebrows, 
  • onion juice with fenugreek 
  • , taking supplements and vitamins containing biotin, 
  • vitamin B and vitamin D
  • , almond 
  • oil, jojoba 
  • oil, oil Rosemary
  • tea tree oil is the 


best medical cream for thickening eyebrows

. Many women think about what makes eyebrows thicker?

How do fill in the blanks of the eyebrows? 

How do I treat light eyebrows? As the look of light eyebrows is annoying in the case of wearing full makeup or even appearing with simple makeup, as voids spoil the shape of the eye drawing and give the look a look larger than the real age. One of the best treatment creams to obtain eyebrow intensification from the pharmacy is: 

  • Jadol serum rich in natural materials such as castor oil To prevent hair loss, it contains a dropper and a brush to rub the serum and the overlap between the eyebrow hairs
  •  . Serum Invision. The serum helps the growth of hair follicles that no longer grow and intensifies the hair of the eyebrows
  •  . Etude My Lash Serum Contains nourishing protein and intensifies 
  • . Mavala Serum contains a formula rich in vitamins and a layer that protects the eyebrows 
  • . With natural ingredients that increase the density of eyebrow hair, 
  • Bond Serum is a natural material that rebuilds hair follicles within 14 days. 


Ingredients for thickening eyebrows in a week

. If there is a need to thicken eyebrows in one day or thicken eyebrows in two days, there will be no solutions except through the use of makeup. Where eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gel products, and eyebrow soap are designed, all of them are soft and thin products with nourishing formulas that give immediate intensification in terms of shape, through which we can fill in the eyebrows. Gaps in the eyebrow and drawing the borders of the eyebrow in the appropriate way for the face and the color that suits the hair and eyelashes. As for the treatment products through which we get the emergence of new hair follicles that fill the spaces, we need distinct, nourishing and treated formulations 

they must contain the following materials: 


  • Amino acids such as proline, amino acid L -proline
  • Hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin, follicles and hair
  • Nourishing vitamins such as Group B 
  •  Castor oil extract
  • Lavender oil 
  • Zinc and iron combination for intensification 
  • Coconut oil and olive oil 
  • Aloe Vera gel 


These are the effective long-term formulas that give the eyebrows density, abundance and filling in the blanks and are found in the form of nutritional supplements or Topical products for use in the form of creams, serums, or eyebrow mascaras. Choose the most suitable ones from Adam Pharmacy , where all international brands are available.


Ways to intensify eyebrows for men 

needs Men also want to appear in the perfect look, where the gaps in the eyebrows become an obstacle in order to obtain the most beautiful result of the look. Natural oils have a high ability to restore the eyebrows and freshness in men, such as using watercress oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, and also a mixture of aloe vera and castor oil. It is a mixture more It is effective as it provides hydration and restores the lost hair follicles, as it begins to grow again through this mixture. It consists of one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, two tablespoons of castor oil, and a capsule of vitamin E. It is used on the eyebrow using a mascara brush for half an hour, then rinsed. There are many creams. Medical used for men to intensify and treat weak eyebrows and fill in the blanks, such as : 


  • cream Annie White Cosmetics 

has a formula with high effectiveness, long stability, and a wonderful touch. 

  • serum rebuilds hair and improves the amount of follicles 
  • . Matilda serum helps in hair germination and makes it grow healthy 
  • BiotinMascara and use it on the eyebrows every night. 
  • Use the roasted date seed powder after mixing it with castor oil. It gives quick results to intensify and grow eyebrow hair within a week 
  • . Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants. Open the capsule and apply the oil to the eyebrows and leave it working all night. 
  • Mix Vaseline and lemon juice with the contents of the vitamin capsule. e Apply to the eyebrows overnight, then rinse.

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