Skin lightening with the best advanced methods and whitening creams 

Skin lightening with the best advanced methods and whitening creams 

Skin lightening is a procedure that seeks to restore the natural color of the skin after exposure to pigmentation or spotting due to many skin diseases that leave side effects such as changing the skin color to a darker color by several degrees, and skin lightening seeks to restore the natural color of the skin after exposure to the sun directly, especially in summer, and sometimes the goal of skin lightening is to acquire a lighter color for dark skin in order to whiten it. All of these goals seek to obtain a white, flawless complexion, and we will learn about the most important methods available to obtain this.  

The best ways to lighten the skin 

There are many ways to lighten the skin, and there are many cosmetic options available, such as: using whitening peeling creams or masks or using techniques such as mesotherapy, plasma, and laser. Everyone seeks to obtain a uniform complexion, but how is this done? 

There are many methods that help lighten the skin, and we must know that whitening depends on reducing the percentage of melanin present in the skin, and all of these methods seek to reduce melanin, as the pigment of melanin is what gives the skin a darker color. All of these techniques work on the same point, which is what produces the desired lighting.


What are the ways to lighten the skin quickly? 

Sometimes we need to lighten our skin in one day because we have to have an occasion or a meeting, etc. There are creams that lighten the skin in two days or less that cover the color with cosmetics and it is required that it be very safe with a natural effect 

so that the lightening does not appear It is exaggerated or has an artificial appearance, and there are also home recipes that 

naturally, lighten the skin quickly,

such as lightening the skin with starch or using lemon or milk, ways to lighten the skin quickly At home, it relies on the use of natural materials that contain vitamins through natural masks, and there are many ingredients and combinations of the natural skin lightening mask, all of which are materials that reduce the concentration of melanin in the skin, which contributes to obtaining a lighter complexion. These recipes also work to give freshness and softness to the skin, including:

  • Yogurt.
  • Honey.
  • Lemon and honey mask.
  • Turmeric mask.
  • Milk and honey mask.
  • Skin-lightening mask with eggs and lemon.
  • Skin-lightening mask with orange and turmeric 

One of the most important medical formulations that lighten the skin and enter into the formulation of 

hydroquinone, mercury, glutathione, and arbutin creams.   

Tips and instructions for using whitening creams 

There are many types of skin-lightening creams that contain: hydroquinone or cortisone. There are some creams that contain combinations of arbutin, vitamin C, glycolic acid, licorice extract, berry extract, kojic, lactic, azelaic acid, and niacinamide and there are instructions These must be followed before using lightening creams, including the following: 

  • Avoid using lightening cream in case of skin inflammation, redness, or itching
  • . The need to do a sensitivity test before using any whitening cream, which is to put a small piece of cream on a small area of ​​the skin and wait for a few minutes. To wait 24 hours, and if there is no damage, it is allowed to use this type
  •  . A small amount of cream is placed on the darkened area and massaged in a clockwise direction. The area around the eyes and mouth
  •  should suitable for skin type to go out during the day
  •  . For severe pigmentation, the patient needs treatment for four months.


The best types of skin whitening creams

  • Alpha Plus cream contains high concentrations of effective whiteners such as Alpha Arbutin and Glabridin, it works to unify skin tone and gives the skin a natural
  • glow Bioderma White Objective cream is suitable for all skin types and also sensitive skin and is safe For use in the sensitive area, it has an exfoliating and whitening formula, which makes it fast-acting and its results are impressive 
  • . L'oreal Paris Pearl Perfect multi-use cream unifies the color, brightens, and makes the skin fresh and polished 
  • . Cranberry moisturizes and protects On sunscreen, 
  • Revlon Touch and Glow cream contains antioxidants in addition to honey. 
  • Neutrogena serum for lightening the skin. Light, easy to absorb, fast-acting
  • . Garnier lightening cream with effective natural ingredients. Fast whitening gives the skin a natural freshness.


Ways to lighten the skin after the summer. 

The problem of lightening the skin after the summer. Families are exposed to it every year after the summer months, as during the summer months they are exposed to a very long time under the sun's rays without a barrier, and even with the use of sunscreen cream, the skin turns darker to two degrees than the natural color, and after returning, families search for how to restore the natural color and get rid of this tan, and there are many exfoliating and whitening creams that are fast-acting and highly safe on the skin, such as: 

using Bioderma White cream that contains licorice extract, vitamin C, and glycolic acid, and it is light on the skin and fast-absorbing. The type evens out skin tone and exfoliates the surface of cells. Its texture is smooth. It can also be used on the face and neck for 12 weeks. Vichy Ideal White Serum, which moisturizes contains Risocinol, which is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the concentration of melanin pigment. Soft and delicate, it is suitable for sensitive skin. It is free of parabens and does not cause irritation. Its effect appears within eight weeks. Tritospot cream consists of hydroquinone, and tretinoin, as an exfoliator that works to get rid of dead cells and traces of scars and deep pigmentation. It is used once a day to lighten dark skin. It consists of licorice extract, kojic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and collagen. This cream is characterized by natural and skin-nourishing ingredients, so it is gentle and safe. It is suitable for sensitive skin. Beesline whitening cream works to lighten and tighten the skin. It is used as a night cream and opens the area around the eyes. 



Ways to lighten dark skin

Lightening dark skin may be a goal for some women, but 

can dark skin be lightened? 

It is possible to obtain fresh, light skin by one or two degrees by following some tips that protect the skin from the sun, which nourishes it and pumps collagen and vitamins into it, but changing the color of the skin dramatically so that it looks unnatural, doctors have warned about it greatly because each skin has its own distinctive color, and the burgundy and dark skin has its own beauty And you should not search behind changing the natural color of the skin through the use of creams, harmful substances, chemical peeling materials, or even modern techniques. Balanced Drinking green tea Avoid the sun Stop smoking and harmful substances Pay attention to drinking sufficient amounts of water Avoid sunlight completely Follow a daily care routine These natural tips lead to obtaining fresh and light skin naturally and there are some medical methods that work on safe lightening such as: 

  • skin lightening Laser, which is a modern alternative to surgery, is very effective in dark, oily skin, to open it up and restore its luster. It works through laser pulses that stimulate collagen production and reduce There are types of lasers such as skin peeling lasers and non-skin peeling lasers.
  • Facial whitening needles. This technique has succeeded in many problems, especially skin whitening, as it depends on glutathione, which works to reduce melanin pigment, so the skin appears lighter. Experts advise extreme caution in this technique with great care. To choose safe medical centers under medical supervision
  •  Chemical peeling of the skin after chemical peeling is one of the very common methods to obtain a lighter color as it works to remove the outer layer of the skin that is dark or pigmented this can be done through strong acids, but it is not suitable for sensitive skin and must be carried out under Medical supervision.


Tips for lightening black 

The damaged by the sun's rays just like white skin and with time it increases its tan as it spreads spots and pigmentation that make the skin color uneven, which gives an unpleasant look and black skinned people should not be exposed to the sun directly without using creams Sunscreen with a high protection factor, with the need to use a lightening cream that contains bleaching materials and use it in a daily care routine, and it is required that this cream contain natural materials that are safe for the skin and is not exfoliating. Evening on a daily basis because it helps to unify skin tone and antioxidants.


Ways to lighten the skin for men

The man's skin is also exposed to the problem of changing its color and darkening because the man stays most of his day outside the house directly exposed to the sun, and heat and dust mix with environmental pollutants and exposure to chemicals, which contributes to the formation of pigmentation, darkening and darkening of the skin, and recently appeared men's care products for lightening, such as Nivea Advanced Cream for Men, Cream by Olay to Rejuvenate and Lighten the Skin for Men, Vaseline Anti-Stain and Pigmentation for Men, There Natural methods suitable for men's skin, and it is preferable to use them for impressive results, as they are very safe on the skin, and they are also suitable for all skin types and are used in the form of a skin-lightening mask, such as:  

  • honey and cinnamon
  • mask, yogurt, and cucumber 
  •  mask, a starch mask for lightening, and mix with water or milk, 
  •  skin-lightening mask 

all of these Masks contain natural vitamins that open the skin naturally and safely. Mix, mix, and apply on the skin for 10 to 25 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water, and then apply a skin moisturizer consisting of natural materials.


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