Facial bleaching in several natural ways to lighten lanugo hair with laser 

Facial bleaching in several natural ways to lighten lanugo hair with laser 

Facial bleaching is a procedure aimed at lightening the color of dark lanugo facial hair that causes embarrassment and spoils the aesthetic appearance of the look. Laser facial bleaching, as the removal of lanugo hair on the face did not have tangible results 

due to its light, thin texture and light color, because the laser hair removal technique is related to the percentage of melanin pigment in the hair and is related to the density of the hair itself. To bleach this hair and it is an ideal alternative to using face bleaching powder 

creams bleaching that may cause skin irritation with repeated use. There are natural ways to bleach the face through safe recipes, but one of its drawbacks is that it has an effect that does not last long, so laser facial bleaching is one of the best available solutions. 


How is facial hair bleached using laser 

Laser facial hair bleaching technique is used with lanugo hair because lanugo hair cannot be removed by laser hair removal technique because the removal depends on the intensity of the hair color and the density of the melanin pigment in it lanugo hair contains a very small percentage of melanin that leads to It cannot be removed by laser, so the bleaching technique was invented, in which the hair is subjected to certain waves according to its thickness and length. These waves target the melanin responsible for the color inside it, from the roots to the ends, so it pulls the color out of it and makes it transparent white as it is invisible, or gives it the soft appearance of children’s faces, which is considered an easy solution. It is easy to get rid of hair instead of repeatedly removing it, and the process is painless and does not cause an increase in hair density.


Facial bleaching for sensitive skin 

is considered Facial bleaching is an appropriate procedure for sensitive skin instead of using hair removal methods that cause irritation and pain or the appearance of some problems such as: the appearance of goose skin or the growth of hair under the skin. There are many creams that can be used for bleaching, especially for sensitive skin. It is advised to follow some natural methods that do not It harms sensitive skin, such as using natural papaya to lighten hair by making a mask of papaya pulp with milk and bee honey, and waiting for five minutes. Hair bleaching creams can be used that add softness and purity to the skin, such as energy bleach, which is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Bleaching makes hair It looks transparent and gives excellent results from the first use quickly and easily in application. Adam Pharmacy international brands of face bleaching creams with safe and easy-to-use ingredients and great results while maintaining skin hydration.


Tips before laser facial bleaching 

  • Avoid Use cosmetic products and skin care products before bleaching,
  •  clean the skin and dry it well before starting the process, 
  • wear eye protection to protect it from the rays,
  • avoid direct exposure to the sun, and a sunscreen cream must be applied before going out during the day
  • , avoid using natural or chemical exfoliants after the procedure, 
  • do not remove any hair One of the traditional methods before the operation, because the rays work on the hair itself and not on the roots, is
  •  to remove the hair after the operation, and you must wait for several days, as it will fall naturally as a result of the laser treatment
  • not Facial bleaching in clinics using laser results appear within days after the operation and the patient can leave as soon as the bleaching process is completed without the need for a recovery period or leave from work and does not change his daily routine.


What are the benefits of laser facial 

  • hair. It 
  • is suitable for all skin types and colors
  •  gives quick and long-lasting results. 
  •  It has no effect on the thickness or abundance of hair that will grow in the future 
  • lanugo 
  • for
  •  bleachingSafe, easy and fast It is not likely to cause potential damage to the laser face whitening process in the long run.


The best facial hair bleaching cream 

There are many types of facial hair bleaching creams, and the types that contain a gentle and safe formula must be chosen so that its formula allows the skin to breathe and oxygen reaches it, and it must be quick and easy to use, there are many types such as Eva bleaching cream and powder Julia, and Juliet bleaching dye cream gives ideal results for face peeling, and it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and the hair bleaching cream from Energy is effective for sensitive skin, easy to use, and its results last for a better period.


How to bleach hair with bleach step by step 

  • Wash face and dry well
  •  Mix bleaching powder with cream in the package Do
  •  a sensitivity test by applying small pieces of the product on the skin
  •  Distribute bleaching cream on the entire face in the direction of hair growth
  •  Avoiding the area around the eyes and nostrils 
  • Leave the bleaching dye for 15 minutes and wash With cold water, then the face is moisturized with a pure moisturizer that contains natural ingredients.


Bleaching facial hair for dark skin

The steps for bleaching dark skin are not different from white skin, but what is different is that bleaching facial hair may not be suitable for dark skin for several reasons, including because hair when It appears blond, as it is on dark skin. It may increase its appearance, so the benefit of bleaching is not achieved. Also, there is some concern about the pigmentation of dark skin or that it is lightened in some areas due to the lightening compounds in creams and powders of bleach, and this is considered severe damage to it, so it is necessary to think carefully before using the scrub And know the degree The appropriate color that is suitable for bleaching the face.


What are the benefits of facial bleaching using laser technology 

  • The results bleaching are long lasting and
  •  suitable for women who do not have much time to go to the beauty salon
  •  Reduces the density and abundance of hair that grows in the face after  bleaching laser
  • Speed ​​and ease of performance and effective results
  •  Low cost compared to Using bleaching creams that are expensive in order to be able to use a safe and good product, and we need to repeat the use. 
  •  A painless process that does not cause local pain. It
  • does not take long and does not require a recovery period. The patient leaves on the same day 
  • . It has effectiveness in hiding lanugo hair and works to reduce its density and abundance and reduce its appearance.


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