Dry skin, its problems and symptoms, and how to treat 

Dry skin, its problems and symptoms, and how to treat 

Dry skin is a problem that affects everyone at all ages, and the causes of dehydration are multiple, between exposure to some skin diseases, where dry skin is a side effect, or dry skin is the main problem. Dry skin as a widespread skin symptom needs In order to maintain moisturizing of the skin during a daily routine that does not stop,  care here is the main factor in getting rid of dry skin, and we will talk about dry skin, its symptoms, causes, and ways to get rid of this annoying problem and its multiple symptoms.


What is dry skin 

the? Dryness skin is exposed to due to internal factors in the type of skin itself or due to external factors in the environment and the atmosphere. It is a lack of water in the superficial layers of the skin. It affects adults and children as well. It contains water, and if that water is lost, it becomes dry and broken, and is exposed to the occurrence of wrinkles or cracks. The outer layer of the body contains quantities of water and oils. If the water evaporates and the oils decrease, this dehydration occurs. Children may also suffer from types of dehydration that lead to the occurrence of many diseases. Such as atopic dermatitis, known as eczema, and the skin may be exposed to dryness as a symptom of psoriasis or contact dermatitis. 


What are the causes of dry skin? The

causes of dry skin and the itching resulting from it are many, including what is related to the nature and type of the skin itself, including what is related to the environment or the different temperatures and humidity in the atmosphere, including what is related to the excessive use of products that help dry the skin and one of the most important reasons that the skin is exposed to and causes Its following dryness: 


  • Infection with some diseases that have side effects that include dry skin, such as thyroid diseases, herpes, psoriasis,
  •  or due to excessive exposure to sunlight for a long time without using protection
  •  . Exposure to strong chemical products such as chlorine or alcohol. 
  • Moving from a hot environment to a cold environment suddenly due to heating devices or Air conditioning
  •  Environmental factors such as lack of moisture in the air
  •  Frequent showering, washing hands, or washing the skin with soap
  •  may occur due to asthma, allergies, and diabetes Malnutrition
  •  Excessive use of detergents and soap 
  • Excessive washing and bathing
  •  Decreased humidity in winter 
  • due to environmental factors or air pollution

All of this results in Skin dryness, discoloration, or deep cracks and peeling of the skin.

Methods for treating dry skin

There are many recommendations on treating dry skin and itching, the most important of which are the following: 

  • Attention to applying moisturizers and moisturizing creams that contain natural materials in the form of a daily routine. 
  • Use oily creams instead of watery creams. 
  • Avoid touching chemicals on the skin, whether they are strong cleaning supplies or special products.pesticides 
  • , avoid care products that contain alcohol or perfumes 
  • . In the event of itching, a topical cream containing 1% hydrocortisone can be used. Treatment can be dispensed under the supervision of a pharmacist
  •  . Use pure natural oils that maintain skin moisture such as coconut, which preserves body moisture inside the skin 
  • must be covered Extremely dry areas such as feet and hands, or wearing gloves in order to retain moisture for a longer period, so that the skin becomes more deeply moist,
  •  using natural moisturizing materials on a daily basis, such as aloe vera, and pure natural oils such as olive oil, or creams containing zinc and olive oil, can be used. Refer 
  • to the doctor in case of non-response In the treatment of cracks or if the cracks persist for a long time and in the event of bleeding from the skin or peeling and rash. 

Causes of sudden dry skin

What is the cause of dry skin on the body? Or the occurrence of dry skin spots suddenly? What is the cause of dry skin and its treatment?

 It is related to the sudden difference in temperatures on the skin between heat and cold. Sudden dehydration may occur due to several reasons, including: 

  •  Diseases, as some diseases such as kidneys and diabetes lead to sudden dehydration. His body can maintain the water balance in the body

  •  . Medications used may cause sudden dehydration, such as antacids, diuretics, and blood pressure medications. The

  • state of dehydration of the body from fluids due to not drinking the required amounts of water that are suitable for body weight. 

  • Various skin infections such as contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and athlete's foot. All this results in a symptom of dehydration.

  •  There are other causes related to serious diseases that have side effects in the skin, such as cancer or AIDS.

Tips for treating dry and cracked skin It

is not only a matter of using an ointment to treat dry skin or following a care routine that contains highly moisturizing creams, but there are many tips that must be followed to obtain a balanced and moisturized skin from the depths to its surface, including: 

  • Paying attention to the use of moisturizing creams, especially in winter Which contain glycerin, aloe vera gel or natural oils
  • Not to be exposed to water for a long time to the extent that makes the skin dry during showering and washing hands
  •  Not to use soap products in cleaning and to adopt a lotion suitable for the skin type
  •  Applying a direct moisturizing routine after showering or washing the skin and not letting it dry Without moisturizing,
  •  using a lip balm and not letting it dry until it cracks. 
  • Avoid wearing wool or polyester fabrics that cause skin irritation. 
  • Avoid perfumes, cosmetics or protective products
  • . Avoid using care products that do not contain natural substances, but contain chemicals that irritate the skin and help dry it out. 


What are the causes of dry skin in winter?

The problem of dry skin spreads a lot, especially in the winter, and the symptoms of severe dry skin are exacerbated by the occurrence of symptoms such as itching or cracks and peeling of the skin, and the matter may lead to bleeding amounts of blood or a change in skin color and the appearance of dry patches in the skin. In order to avoid winter dryness, a daily moisturizing routine must be followed. Before going to sleep routine before facing the cold weather by wearing suitable clothes and applying moisturizing materials that protect and form a protective layer that contains glycerin. Extreme dryness of the skin in the winter is a severe lack of moisture in the cold, and the house or the air can be humidified by heating or placing a device that diffuses moisture. Dry skin in the winter may lead to diseases such as eczema or microbial infections, which are skin infections, so full care must be taken to keep the skin moist. By following a preventive care routine.  

How do you treat dry skin?

  • Use oils such as baby oil or coconut oil to treat dryness
  •  Avoid using soapy ingredients and use a lotion that is effective in cleaning and moisturizing
  • Try to use a device that moisturizes the house
  •  Wear soft cotton
  •  clothes Avoid clothes that contain polyester or wool
  •  Use Vaseline and moisturizing creams that contain glycerin and coconut oil Or olive oil with zinc. 

Moisturizing skin creams that suit every type of skin are available in the best brands in the world: 

 Adam Pharmacy  There is a cream for dry skin, creams for oily skin, and creams for mixed skin. Choose the most suitable for your skin type and make it a routine to prevent and protect the skin from the dangers of dehydration.


Problems of dry skin in children Children

are exposed to the problem of dry skin, and areas appear on their skin that are rough places and may have white scales on them. One of the places that are most exposed to dehydration in children is the elbow and knee, and it has been exposed to many cracks, yellow secretions or infections, and children’s skin must be taken care of And their skin and its hydration in general, and the mother must choose between ointments, creams and oils for moisturizing that contain natural materials and avoid chemical products. Failure to respond to treatment within two weeks, and treatment can be resorted to by means of ointments containing cortisone under medical supervision. 

 Among the causes of dry skin in children are the following: 

  •  Some genetic factors related to the appearance of dry skin that
  •  increases due to weather or environmental factors
  •  due to making children wear non-cotton clothes that cause They have sensitivity or contact dermatitis 
  • due to the dryness of the surrounding environment.
  •  Bathing using soaps
  •  The weather is different in the seasons between winter and summer and vice versa, or the windy seasons and The spring season in which allergic diseases increase.

Tips for preventing dry skin in children 

 The mother should pay attention to moisturizing her child’s body, especially after bathing or swimming, and not using creams that contain alcohol. Avoid wearing polyester clothes. Avoid perfumes. In the event of dry skin, the child considers this It is not a matter of concern and you start treatment by following a daily moisturizing routine with natural materials that moisturize deeply and use creams that moisturize the skin, hands and feet so that you put the cream for the child two to three times a day until he gets sufficient hydration and the diaper area must be moisturized after washing it well and drying it with a cotton towel with attention to good drying In all the bumps and bends of the skin and then use a cream containing zinc and olive oil to protect the area from the risk of contact inflammation resulting in severe dryness.

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