Skin allergy pills causes and treatment

Skin allergy pills causes and treatment

pills Skin allergy or urticaria, which is the body's reaction when exposed to allergens, and it releases a protein called histamine Capillaries become congested and secrete fluid that clogs the pores, and then pimples and pimples form. The incidence of allergic skin pimples due to sensitivity and irritation has several stimuli, some of which are related to medicines, eating certain foods, or contact and friction. Each patient knows through his own experiences what causes his skin allergies to occur and must avoid them. And stay away from it completely as a kind of prevention while maintaining periodic treatment on a daily basis or topical treatment as prescribed by the doctor.


Causes of skin allergy pills 

  • Skin allergy pills form due to the use of chemical cleaning materials
  • use of care and makeup materials that contain chemicals that are not gentle on the skin, the
  •  use of plastic latex gloves, and
  • due to contact with animals, dogs and cats,
  • exposure to feathers and hair and through contact with non-cotton synthetic tissues that are made of polyester
  •  exposure to Climate changes and varying temperatures
  •  before a viral infection such as the flu and a cold or a bacterial infection such as a urinary tract infection
  • Skin allergies occur from eating certain foods such as nuts, fish, eggs, strawberries and milk. Foods that cause allergies vary from person to person.


Skin allergy pills and itching 

Itching is a main symptom of skin allergy pills, where the patient suffers from itching and swelling, then red pills of different sizes appear, and sometimes crusts appear and spread throughout the body and may disappear after 24 hours, and treatment must be done by creams that calm skin irritation Itching, and in case of non-response, the case should be presented to the doctor to find out the main cause of the scratching attack and try to dispense an antihistamine medication.


Methods of treating skin allergy and scratching 

Treatment of skin allergy and scratching is by taking antihistamines, whether oral or topical, and some cases may need to use antibiotic creams to treat redness, swelling and inflammation in the skin, and there are modern technical methods suitable for cases that do not respond to treatment, such as the laser prick method It relieves allergy symptoms and one of the most important prevention methods is to avoid the stimuli that cause allergies and avoidance is the best way to avoid allergic attacks, and there are many different types and forms of The group includes 

  • Hydroxyzine (Hydroxyzine)


  • Cyproheptadine


  • (Desloratadine)


  • Cetirizine


  • (Loratadine)


  • Chlorpheniramine


  • Diphenhydramine (Diphenhydramine)


  • Levocetirizine (Levocetirizine)

is an anti-inflammatory, including Fexetofinadine, an anti-inflammatory of which is a number of cases, includingTopical cortisone in creams and ointments. 


Skin allergy pills 

in children Some pimples and pimples appear in children as a symptom of allergic skin disease, but they may heal on their own within months and do not need treatment, but if the pills continue for a longer period, they may require medical follow-up and treatment through the use of anti-allergic creams that are safe on the skin The child, and the child’s skin must be kept clean and dry so as not to be exposed to attacks of skin allergies, with washing the skin with warm water and soap designed for children from the best proteins that keep the skin from being polluted and exposed to problems such as allergies, with attention to the necessity of drying with a soft cotton towel that does not contain polyester. Pills or blisters in children and should not be tampered with or opened, and the use of any care products that contain oily or greasy substances for the child should be avoided, and contact is one of the reasons for the appearance of skin sensitivity in the child, such as contact with non-cotton clothes or diapers, and attention must be paid to drying the diaper area and applying treatments Contains zinc and light olive oil to treat diaper infections.


Treatment of allergy pills in infants 

Allergy pills in infants are blisters that appear on the skin of infants and newborns and may spread on the face and body and increase in the cheeks and nose and it is a temporary sensitivity. These pimples disappear without treatment and are in the form of small red or white pills on the cheeks The period of two weeks to a month may last. The reasons for the appearance of infant pills are the presence of some hormones that moved from the mother’s body to the child’s body during the last pregnancy and prenatal period. It is also caused by the child’s contact with substances that cause allergies, such as milk, as it may irritate the child’s skin or some detergents. Which causes allergies or clothes that contain polyester. These irritants lead to the appearance of pimples and pimples, and there is also heat rash. This rash occurs when sweat gets trapped inside the clothes that do not absorb it and clogs the pores and small red inflamed blisters are formed with inflamed spots around them, and it spreads due to exposure of the child In some cases, the grains in infants are caused by certain diseases, such as eczema or milk allergy, and the treatment of these cases is by treating the diseases that caused the emergence of grains, such as eczema or allergies. It is necessary to prevent exposure to any of the stimuli that cause skin allergy attacks, choose cotton clothes, bathe the child with natural detergents for children that do not cause allergies, and avoid the use of incense, perfumes, and soap, as well as the use of bed covers and mattresses that are made of cotton materials that absorb sweat, with recommendations not to Touching allergy pills in infants and trying to get rid of or open them because this is a procedure that may lead to risks.


Skin allergy pills for pregnant women 

are exposed to the appearance of pimples on the face during her pregnancy, and although this issue does not cause concern and it is not a serious matter, but it is considered an annoying thing because it spoils the beautiful look of the pregnant face, which has lost many of the elements of its beauty, it is a common problem for 50% Pregnant women, and the reason for the appearance of pills on the face is changes in the levels of hormone secretion in the pregnant woman’s body, so the incidence of acne also increases in pregnant women, especially there are some safe treatments that you may take. Azelaic acid, and fruit acid preparations such as glycolic acid, there are some modern techniques that are considered safe for pregnant women such as light or laser therapy to treat acne in difficult cases. Pregnant women can use safe home products such as: apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey, and pregnant women should avoid Unsafe preparations that reach the fetus through the placenta, such as topical retinoids, types of oral antibiotics, and salicylic acid, so it must be before taking any medicine for women Pregnant women should consult a doctor who will give you some natural advice, such as reducing stress, making sure to drink enough water for your body’s needs, avoiding the use of products that are not safe for the skin or using harmful makeup products, and completely avoiding cosmetic and care products that contain oils and fats, and avoiding foods that are full of fat. and sugars while avoiding touching the grains or pressing them.


What are skin allergy pills from eating? 

One of the causes of sudden appearance of pimples on the face and body is food, as there are some foods that are classified as allergens such as eggs, milk, strawberries, some types of fruits and some medicines. This allergy appears in infants and children as some foods stimulate the emergence of infections and allergies. On the skin, they appear in the form of pimples and blisters, some accompanied by itching and others without itching. If there is an allergy to a specific food, it should be avoided and completely avoided. Foods that are known to stimulate allergies such as pollen that spread in the air as well as foods such as: almonds, apples, apricots, carrots, celery and cherries Kiwi, eggs, milk and chocolate, and every person should know his risk factors, avoid them and prevent them, and one of the best methods of treatment is to pay attention to what you eat and drink carefully and carefully, and to ask about the contents and ingredients of food before eating it so that it does not cause a sudden skin allergy attack.

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